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    Thanks Over and out
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    I just wanted to get the cache owner to at least look over the Attributes before it is sent in. I don't want to establish if the Attribute is correct and I accept that it places more work on reviewers, sure appreciate the role they fill. Thanks
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    Living in the north the most important Attribute is Winter Friendly or Not Winter Friendly. Often Attributes are over looked. Would like to see making at least one Attribute mandatory before approval.
  4. Drove 1200 km round trip to attend an Event and find three quickie caches, gotta love it.
  5. A few of us in Labrador have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=picture#!/groups/252828118068575/
  6. I too always considered the pics of either Caches/Trackables as a little way of my saying "thanks" to the owner for allowing me to find or discover and a little pic for others to look at and hopefully enjoy. I have never expect to start a communication with them for just saying thanks.
  7. Newfoundland and Labrador don't have vanity plates but Ham Radio operators can have plates with their call sign. Mine is VO2WW as is my Geocaching name
  8. I hook the GPS up to my computer as I always did with other units, open Garmin Mapsource Maps, select the Receive from Device Icon and than I get the message mentioned above.
  9. I have 300+ waypoints in my 62st but when I try to upload them I get a message, "No waypoints found on device" Any idea why I get this and how do I fix it so I can upload my waypoints?
  10. GCWJZ3 Extreme East, the most easterly Geocache in Canada
  11. I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New year to the Reviewers who have approved my Geocaches in Labrador and Quebec dispite the odd screw up on my part - VO2WW
  12. Is there an App for the Palm Pre that will work well for Geocaching?
  13. I have a 60C, a Dakota 20 GPS, and a Palm Pre 'smart phone'. I fine all three have pros and cons. For ease of use, speed and bigger screen I love the 60, the limited memory is a drawback. should get a 60CSx The Dakota gives me paperless caching but small screen, not too bright and slower to operate. The Palm Pre with Geocaching for WebOS is great......... as long as there is WiFi or Cell service. I love being able to search any area I am in and see what caches are around that I have not found, read all the info and logs, to be able to find one and log it right on the spot. I think it is slow and it is not too rugged but it has a place in my heart. I think 'smart phones' will outnumber GPS units for the game in a few years unless the GPS makes big moves in two way communication, sort of like the SPOT.
  14. My brother had the some problems with maps when he was going there. He contacted a fellow cacher in China via GeoCaching.com and he got him on the right track. Try it.
  15. Update time, still on track!!!! Have a location marked and a container onsite for each of the remaining months.
  16. It's not about the swag in the cache at the end of the day, but about the adventures and fun you had along the way.
  17. Extreme East GCWJZ3, 231 hits as of I June, 2010 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6f-cdcd67320be9
  18. Yes fill it out and put it back. Welcome to the game
  19. VO...........from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador 2.............the Labrador part WW.........Gordon Parsons
  20. On the trail to a cache or returning from one I would guess my meet ratio is one cacher per hundred caches found.
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