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Finding overseas caches


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Is there a way to get more specific on overseas caches than just the country? I am looking for one in a specific town in Germany. When I type in "Germany", it shows the whole country's worth. When I type in the zip, it shows a Montana town. What can I do?

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I'd use Google Earth and then download the Geocaching klm file. View the area in Germany with Google Earth and see what caches pop up. Then visit a cache page and click show nearby caches. That is about the only way I can think of right now. I gotta save my brain for work...

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It's not really surprising that the 5-digit zip code put you in Montana. Every country has its own zip codes and the US didn't leave 25000 free ones for German towns, 36000 for French, etc. :laughing:


Go to maporama.com - it's the easiest mapping site to get lat/lon data from. Find the city you want - if you specify German as the country then the postal code will find you the German city with that code! - and on the map page, you'll see the lat/lon (on the left of the page somewhere, IIRC).

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:blink: Found it!!!! Thanks for all the help.


Which method did you use? Just curious..

I got a google earth hybrid for a place near me, dragged it across the world, and then entered country and city. Maybe it wasn't the shortest distance between two points, but it got me there! For someone whose computer skills function on survival mode only, I'm just happy to get there. I'll try some of the other suggestions, too.

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