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  1. I say claim first to find. If the cache was approved last week it's new to the Geocaching realm.
  2. I was reading that the government changed the WAAS satelites. How will that affect my Garmin Etrex Legend when I eventually get back to the Western US? Is it useless as far as WAAS is concerned?
  3. I used to have a PQ from Medford to San Francisco. There's a nice virtual in a park in Mount Shasta, CA
  4. Just to play devil's advocate: what if the finder was doing another no-no. If he had an unleash dog, or was drink a beer while caching, or if he peed in a bush be will looking for a cache.
  5. I think for the majority of waymarkers the game is about posting than visiting. It's just like how for geocachers it's about visiting not hiding.
  6. I think people just didnt know the law. It wasnt the first cache placed on the banks.
  7. I think length depends on the cache. If it's a Walmart lamp post, what can you say. To me as cache owner, as long as they lie the cache I dont care how big it is. I think the fun of palcing a cache is all the prep work that goes into it.
  8. Slightly off topic. I've seen some cache placed in stupid and illegal caches. Once a nice ranger told me that a cache place in the banks of a ravine was illegal. It was illegal to go off the trail. I emailed the owner and posted a warning. Nothing was ever done about it.
  9. Less apce between caches in specific communities. If one cache is in a complex with a big wall and only one exit/entrace and the other is 500 feet away (though it's really .2 miles because you have to go around) then I think it's ok.
  10. Personally I would let it be. They found it with a little help. Plus might've got a new person into the game. Personally I wouldnt worry about it too much. It's just a game.
  11. What's the condition of the log book. If it's archived, you'll have to start from square one, so I would just do a new log book.
  12. I dont want to just who's right or wrong, but where do we draw the line at enforcing the laws? What if someone mentions he ran a red light to get to a cache or made an illegal U-Turn? What if someone said he did a cache after happy hour (he might be tipsy in public) The cache should mention there are consequences for finding the cache after hours.
  13. I used the link to Geocaching.com Google Map. Then I type in the city and country (in Europe you can use whole addresses for some countries like Germany, France, UK)
  14. You might want to check out the thread in "Getting Started"
  15. Don't wait for a reply - go ahead and re-log them under the new account - just copy and past some extra text explaining the "new" log. I'll wait a few more days. I prefer being nice giving them a heads up.
  16. I'm relogging mine. It's not too bad. I emailed the cache owners that I logged, asking for their permission & giving them a heads up. They've been really nice. It only took me a few hours to relog. I would be done, but am still waiting for people to email me back.
  17. I'm currently relogging my finds, prepping for my premium membership. It's not too bad.
  18. You get them at fishing stores? How much are they?
  19. I use it, but just for a general area. Since my accuracy is usually only 30 ft (on good days) I use the clues more.
  20. I've taken family friend out in Fresno, CA geocaching. They thought it was interesting. They also thought I was a little crazy. Today I took my parents with me. They're not so interested, but they'll go again. Though we didnt find the cache because I fell and scratched up my arm.
  21. I took mine through security in Oakland and Atlanta, no problem.
  22. Found this: ORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- Portsmouth police are investigating two suspicious devices that were placed around town. The people who found them thought they might be explosives, but as it turned out they were all part of a growing hobby that involves GPS locating -- a sort of adult scavenger hunt. One of the suspicious packages took the form of a tiny box wrapped in duct tape. It caused quite a stir when someone found it attached to an electrical unit behind Shaw’s Supermarket Sunday. "Somebody saw somebody go up to the electrical box and attach this, and then get in their car and drive off. And that looked suspicious? Absolutely," said Lt. Thomas McQuade of the Portsmouth police. A patrolman quickly determined it wasn’t dangerous; in fact, he knew it was part of a scavenger hunt for GPS aficionados. The game is called Geocaching and has been growing all over the country. People with GPS devices can log into Web sites and find coordinates that will lead them to various “caches” that can contain trinkets or logs of users that have previously found the cache. The box found behind Shaw’s was the second found recently by Portsmouth police, the first was found under an I-95 bridge in November. Despite the harmlessness of the package, the man who originally placed the box behind Shaw’s faces a disorderly conduct charge. Police said the charge is warranted in light of the suspicious actions and the fear it caused. “It’s an interesting hobby, but they need to find a better place to do it,” said McQuade.
  23. I did some caching in OR (the only snow I've seen in a few years) Look for bigger caches, read the clues, look at the Google map. Needless to say, I didnt find it.
  24. Tell the truth. I once got stopped by a park ranger in a park. The cache was hidden on the bank of the creek, It's illegal to go on the bank (actually the sign says stay on the path) Anyway I dont the truth and I got out of a 150 buck ticket. I ignored the other cache that was placed in a similar spot about .4 miles away.
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