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  1. There is local cache that is in a good location. It is in a 30 day window before it is archived if the owner does not reply. From looking at his profile he hasn't been active for the last 6 years. What do I do if I want to keep a cache at this location? Do I just wait until it is archived and then submit my own at those coordinates?
  2. A train just opened last month that connects to the subway system. It's about a 30 minute ride from Incheon airport to Gimpo airport where you can get on the subway system. From there, it's just a matter of doing some research to find out what caches are near subway stations. There are quite a few that I have gone to. http://www.korea.ac.kr/english04/images/subway.gif Gimpo airport is on the left hand side of the map on line 5. Here is a search from Incheon Airport http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...;lon=126.471083 Here is search from Gimpo Airport where you can get on the subway. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...mp;lon=126.7879
  3. AD US Army 1996-present. Currently serving in Korea.
  4. I'm so happy! Thank you. I downloaded the Webupdater but it wasn't recognizing my unit. I called Garmin and he had no idea why it would be freezing but he walked me through downloading a USB driver so that it would recognize my Vista Cx. After I updated the software the problem stopped. I've read it many times on here but I'm going to say it again. Garmin has great customer service.
  5. How do I do this this? I haven't loaded anything on it yet. So far I've only input some coordinates by hand.
  6. I've only had my Vista Cx for about a week and I'm starting to have trouble with it. When I try to change the screen lighting and I push any button while the dim/brighten slide bar is still on the screen the unit freezes. Also, if I am on the main menu and change the lighting and wait for the slide bar to go away and then try to push down on the joy stick the screen freezes. It may also freeze other times but these are when I notice it. Actually it does more than freeze, it also turns gray and I can barely see the icons on the screen. It looks like the icons are fading away. I've emailed Garmin but haven't gotten a response back yet. Is this just a freak glitch I'm having or is this typical of the Vista Cx?
  7. I used Google Earth to get the lat. and long. of the area I needed. Then I changed my home coordinates to those. Then I used the function that allows you to find coordinates near your home.
  8. I bought a Garmin Vista Cx and now I want to protect it. I like the looks of the neoprene cases and I've seen two styles so far where the side buttons are covered and not covered. What are the pros and cons of the neoprene cases? Does any one else have a protective case that you love? Also, I was looking at the Invisible Shield screen covers but I didn't see one on their website for a Vista Cx. Am I over looking it or will one for another model also fit a Vista Cx?
  9. I've been using mine for many years as a handle. I was a big REM fan and I liked one of their songs called Near Wild Heaven. Somehow I came up with nearlywild from that. The funny thing is that I am probably one the most calm people you would ever meet.
  10. nearlywild


    I'm interested. How far have you gotten in the process?
  11. I was wondering, what is the average cost to have coins made here?
  12. I just bought a Kingston 1GB on amazon.com for $4.75 today. Shipping was $7 and some change. I can't remember the exact shipping charge.
  13. I just bought a Kingston 1GB on amazon.com for $4.75 today. Shipping was $7 and some change. I can't remember the exact shipping charge.
  14. Hello, I'm new geocaching and this my first post. I've been doing a lot of reading over the last few days researching GSP units and I have a few questions. We are a military family currently living in South Korea. I'd like to buy a GPSr to use for geocaching and also to find businesses or other locations around Seoul. I'm worried about buying a GPS and then not being able to find city navigator software for Seoul. So far the only software I've found is Garmin MapSource Bluechart CD Pacific and that looks like it's just for use on the ocean. What I'm wondering is, are there certain name brands of GPS units that have better software for use in places other than North America? I have read a few posts where people have asked about deleting maps from their unit when they are adding new mapping software. If I buy a unit that comes programmed with a map of the US and then buy software of Korea will the preloaded US map be overwritten? So far my only experience with GPS has been from a portable unit that was in a car we rented here in Korea. With this unit we simply put in the phone number of the business we wanted to go to and it told us how to get there. Is just using a phone number typical for mapping software or does most software need you to input an address? Last question for now. What do you use GSAK and Cachmate for?
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