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Slightly OT . . . I never use that Search feature, but just did, and for California, these were the results: :ph34r:


Total Records: 38015 - Page: 1 of 1901


No wonder the site has problems once in a while . . . faint.gif


I actually don't see the link "Newest in U.S." on My Account page . . . :ph34r:

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It just isn't working I tried California and still got Alabama. I access this link from My Account Details page right side under Search Options and the link "List newest in" United States. This takes me to another page which has a drop down list of the States. This is where it gets squirley no matter which State I enter I get Alabama. My goal is to find the newest cache locations in Arizona.

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That's odd. I only have "List newest in California" and then "View nearby benchmarks."


I don't have a link to choose "List newest in United States." :ph34r:


Yeah, I checked all my kids' account but I had already set the home coords, so I don't know if an unset account shows US.


I would have to assume that if cosninocanines is getting the list newest in Az option it should go right to the cache listings.

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Checked and the home coordinates are set and correct, the zip code on the set up page was wrong and I changed that but it did not solve the problem. All the rest of the searches from the hide and seek page work and the Search for nearest caches on my Account page works it is just this silly find nearest link that does not work.


I tried to use a Pocket Query with Arizona and all placed within the last week and it comes up with none found so I don't know if that is the case or it's not working either. Anyway all help on this is appreciated.

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On the PQ I kept it to a minimum checking only active in the last 7 days, picking Arizona from the drop down list of States and placed in the last week. There may not be any new ones so the fact that the PQ was empty does not mean it did not work I just don't know. On my previous post i said nearest I meant to say Newest. Still trying to resolve this.

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This is what I see:

Search Options

Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates (filter out finds)


List newest in United States

View nearby benchmarks


Update home coordinates


If I click on the United States I get this:

Searching for...

All Geocaches

By State/Country

Country United States

State/Province Arizona (AZ)


I hit the seek button


And get the results for Alabama very frustrating

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This is what I see:



And get the results for Alabama very frustrating

Go to the Edit My Account Details page. Make sure where it says Country you have selected United States, then there should be a second box where you can select Arizona. Enter your password in the Verify Password box. Click Update My Account at the bottom of the page. You should now have the option to List newest in Arizona.


For Raine or whomever looks at this:

If you enter http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?country_id=2 - you will see the behavior the OP is describing.

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