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Geocoin "First Austrian Geocow" deliverable


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The coin has a diameter of 2,3 Zoll (58mm) and a thickness of 3 mm.


This is the first Austrian geocoin. It is trackable at geocaching.com with an own prefixed (ATxxxx) trackingnumber. Naturally the coin has an own icon also. icon32-fahne.gificon16-fahne.gif


As an Austrian you have alway to fight in abroad against the confusion between "Austria" and "Australia". The design of this coin allude to this ageless problem humorous. Ok, this joke isn't new, but nevertheless we hope that it would conjure a smile on your lips.




In sum there were produced 1.000 pieces.




700 in Black Nickel




100 in polished gold




100 in polished copper




100 in polished silver




All coins are already deliverable from geocoinshop.de

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I've been waiting a long time for a coin from Austria and ordered a couple of Austrian GeoCows on March 15th. They should be arriving here any day now.


I love skiing, so naturally I prefer the Alps. Kaprun is my favorite town in Austria.

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cute! In australia we have the problems with being confused with iran, south korea, france! scroll down to see the video!



I don't think that we have any problems like that :rolleyes: . I think it's more where we are that people can't figure out, even though we are the second largest country in the world :rolleyes: .


Can't afford this coin, but it looks really cool! <_<

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Nice coin Too bad the shipping is as much as the coin :cry: have to pass on this one

Yes. Oversees shipping is expensive. :cry:

We managed a omnibus order for Vienna too, to reduce the transport fee. And that's very closed to the shop in Germany. :D


Maybe you will find another coin you like in the shop? I ordered also some of the "A Cache A Day", the "Evolution" and the "Highly Addictive" Coins for myself. They came with the big drove of cows to Vienna. That reduced the transport costs per coin dramatically. :cry:

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I found no way to edit the original posting, and friend told me that's per design. <_<

We found a way to manage that. :anitongue: We changed the photos which are linked in the posting. :angry:


We also improved the description on the shop website, to provide some background for the design.


No proper timing, but sorry be patient with me. This is the first coin I produced.



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