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I tried - maybe you can help

Will Jeep for Cache

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I found this benchmark (or what i believe is a benchmark) by chance this weekend. i have tried to find it on the database and gone through the "Me first" thread but i can't seem to find this guy. I could just be doing something wrong, this is the first bench mark for me.


Can anyone help?


It is un Utah, I believe Toole county or Juab county (it is near the line), and i think zip code 84626


Here is the Photo



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As Z15 said this is a corner marker between sections of land. It’s in Township 9 south (T9S) and on the line between Range 2 west (R2W) and 1 west (R1W). It marks the corner of sections 13 and 24 of Range 2W and 18 and 19 of Range 1 W.


I went to this web site and found the coordinates for the center of section 24 to be 40.021833,-112.013500


Plug that into Google Maps and see if that does not come close to where you found the marker.

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The United States Governement Land Office (GLO), now the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), was given the responsibility of managing the Public Lands. State-wide surveys, for the purposes of land measurement & ownership, were done by the GLO. The survey marks they set were called Section Corners. Additional info about these types of marks can be found in these threads:


Cadastral survey disk?, benchmark?


BLM Cadastral Survey Marker


Cadastral Disks, What is the difference: cadastral, geodetic?


Help Me Find What This Is, Pipe cap


Us General Land Use Benchmarks


Hope this helps


- Kewaneh

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