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need advice about caches

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I am coming to London in 3 days. It will be my first stop on a 2 week vacation. I am from California and have not been Geocaching long but I have a lot of fun doing it. I am very excited about my trip and would like to find a cache or 2 while I am there, because I may never get an opportunity again. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful. I know the postal code where we are staying is w1h 7pf , and we will be visitig the Tower of London, the British Museum and Westminster Abbey. If anyone knows of some fairly easy caches near any of these sites please let me know. I won't know my way around very well.

Thanks and I can't wait for my trip.



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There's a nice little oasis that we did as a quick detour when visiting The Tower of London St Dunstan's Garden :P


GC1RWTN - Dunstan's Delight is the new cache at the gardens of St Dunstan in the East (since July 2009). It's big enough to hold Travelbugs and geocoins and only a 5 minute walk from Tower of London (or from the Monument). The gardens are maturing beautifully and well worth a second visit! :P

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A lot of the caches in inner London are micros, but the London Letterbox and TB Exchange is only a mile north of your hotel and it's a good-sized cache.

MrsB :P


Unfortunately this cache is now archived :P


Yessssss.... That's what happens when a very old thread gets bumped without the necessary refurbishment, reinforcements, stabilisation and liposuction to its saggy bits... bits of it become inaccurate, degrade and finally drop off. :D


Anyway, that new cache in St Dunstan Gardens looks very attractive and although London has lost a good few caches over the last 2½ years I think a few new 'real' boxes have also been established so that visitors to our capital are still able to drop off their trackables as necessary. Urban renewal at its best. :P



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