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Great cache loggers

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MarsBars (for always digging at Andy and for looking appen Pretty in Pink),


I've never knowingly had a dig at the old git! :D .... anyway he started it.....didn't ya Grandad. :angry:





I can take it from the bitter and twisted one. he's only jealous cos I'm younger, taller, slimmer, fitter, am allowed to drink alcohol and eat chocolate AND have a better understanding of the internal gubbins of gps's, pdas and computers.

OK, so he looks better in pink but that's cos he wears that colour all the time at home (his good lady told me!) :angry:

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Our not so cunning plan to be the UK's wordiest cachers has hit a snag called allieballie :P


back to the back up plan :lol:


:lol::lol::huh: Sorry! The strangest thing though is that I hate writing in the actual log book and can never think of anything to say in it! ;)


Ditto in fact our system is Lynn gets the log book Mark gets the TB's and referees the swapping for the kids when we get home Mark writes the first log and the kids and Lynn say you forgto this and that. 534 words for this weekend never hit the 4000 limit yet

Would you be annoyed if our next log went "a a a " 2000 times ??? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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It's so annoying when you have written a really long log because lots of things have happened during your visit to the cache and then you submit it and it won't go through because it's too long. I have seen some cases where people have split their log to avoid this - logging the first half of their story as a "find" then the second half as a "note" but I have a rule not to do that, so have to spend ages editing it and whittling it down until it finally gets accepted!


What is even worse though is when you have spent ages writing a log and when you try to submit it, you find that you have been logged out, or if the site is busy then sometimes I have had the timeout page come up and in both of these situations the log is just lost and you have to start all over again! Now I always copy my logs before I submit them just in case!

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I am seriously beginning to worry about you....





Great, that'll save me having to do it.


I think it's worth going to a bit of trouble to write up a good log; the cache setter went to all the trouble of placing the cache, doing the paperwork, getting harassed by cachers. For that cache, some very useful info is given in morse code if you visit the cache page, so it seemed to me that logging in morse would be appropriate.


And I enjoy relating the adventures that we have in caching.

On the subject of being completely and utterly mental, do you guys wanna meet up for a night cache here insane I want to play the part of the insane hack and slasher....


Email sent


Email sent Muhahahahahaha


Well that was a bloody good night cache and a half, I wonder how the logs will turn out. IT was great to meet Simply Paul again and finally meet Sensai. I think on whole things went well. So what, Sensai got confused with the RV points, he really should have asked what an EZ point was first and who said starting point? That might have been me(sorry dude)? Who cares we got there soon enough.

It would have been great to have one or two more but it would have been a squeeze in the car, well we would not have fitted anymore. Not sure about where all the stains came from in Pauls car, but that was the last thing on my mind at 3am on the way to another cache.

You may mock us with claims of insanity but by God we did the broadmoor cache and survived. Beware the ghostly figure on the hill and most of all, watch out for wild animals should you feel the need to releive oneself in the bushes. Meoooww




Thanks one and all for a bloody good cache attack, savvy!!!:D


Aye Aye Me'Hearties YoHo

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