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Missing PQ


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One of my regular PQ's allegedly ran this morning at 9:14 am but by 3pm it had not arrived yet. The other four PQ's that were scheduled all ran around 6am and were in my inbox when I turned on the workstation this morning.


Since I have run my 5 queries today and have already scheduled 5 for tomorrow could one of the experits at GC.com reset this query so that it will run again today?





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Update: The saga is continuing today, but so far rather than missing only 1 of 5, today I am missing 4 of 5. All of them display as being run between 2:47 am and 4:52 am. By 7:50 am the only one that arrived was the fourth one by time sequence and it was run at 4:51 am.


The PQ server defiantly needs a kick of some kind.

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