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  1. N0HIO here, I've helped activate only one summit prior to some health issues that has me slightly grounded (still can do park n grabs etc). Will be back on the Summits later this year I hope. Primary area is the FR/W0 section. Will be using a Yaesu 857D with BuddiPole. oops have to fix that sig file.. should be Twitter: @N0HIO
  2. Justified


    Kenwood THD7a and swapping between my Garmin Etrex (basic yellow one) and a Garmin GPS III. sorry for dupe.. system glitched on me
  3. Justified


    Kenwood THD7a and swapping between my Garmin Etrex (basic yellow one) and a Garmin GPS III.
  4. There is always great debate on your first radio. Mine was a simple 2m handheld that I still own (batteries are dead so I don't use it). If your looking for a simple 2 meter auto mounted then Yaesu 2600 line would be a cheap starting point. For handhelds, imho Kenwood TH-F6 is great little radio. Handhelds will run you a bit more than a basic auto mounted radio, but an auto mount has more power available and with a external powersupply can become a base/office unit. Welcome to Ham Radio, hope to hear you around. 73's
  5. It's not that I'm not willing to try new frequencies, but I haven't seen a positive reason for moving from the freq that I already monitor. To make a change from something they already do, people need a reason. I don't think it's a matter of not agreeing on a new frequency, I see more as not proving a need to move. I have two VFO's to set. One will be at 146.52 while in the woods on principal of forest ettiquette. Lets have a discussion now on why 147.555 should be the other VFO rather than the 146.58. Is it less used?, are more persons using that for this task? Is .58 too used by other things in areas and we need to move to a clearer channel? etc. Here's a thought even, taking our radios on a given weekend selecting a channel and just listening for that weekend to see how busy the freq is with use to begin with. Someone early said that emcomm uses .58 in their area often, but without actually listening to see what is used in general sense we may randomly select over someone. This will add to the time that it takes to try to make a decision, and it may end up that both .555 and .58 are not the freq's to choose from.
  6. I see Kansas is going to join the Colorado folk this year and are going to activate Mt Sunflower, their hightest point. Aug 11-Aug 12, 2100Z-2100Z, Mt Sunflower, KS. Trojan and Sand Hills ARCs, K4S. Operating in conjunction with the Colorado 14er radio event. VHF & UHF frequencies will be listed at www.14er.org. 3.920 14.260 14.060. QSL. Trojan Amateur Radio Club, W0WOB, 1553 County Rd T, Colby, KS 67701. www.14er.org I won't be back into CO from MO for a couple weeks for a visit, so I'll miss all the fun.
  7. This topic came up about a year or so ago, and the reponse at that time was 146.58, I know this fits with the simplex band plan in Colorado (http://www.k0nr.com/rwitte/2m_frequencies.html). Drew brought up a point of scanning, and I do have twin VFO's on my HT (TH-F6A) and typically leave it split between .52 and .58 while caching. There were a bunch in North Carolina that were using .58 at the time this came up and it became the channel of choice of a few of us to go there also. Beyond that, I would say .52 to start (hence the calling freq and we may get someone interested) and then move to whatever is appropriate for your local area. .555 for some and .58, .xx in some others. just my 2cents. KB8PXV / Justified
  8. Working second shift Sunday to Thursday is the reason I usually couldn't get into the net the first time around. I'm still on that shift but think a net is a great idea. The one time I did manage to check in there were groups from I think North Carolina, California and an assortment of others that checked in via Echolink or IRLP. Short and sweet, I think Net is a good idea and will check in when I have a Thursday off if it's on that day.
  9. PQ arrived finally at 10:08 PST
  10. Having similiar issue .. ran my personal finds PQ last night at 21:48 pst .. it's now 8:36 pst and have yet to see it. Email account is one of my own domains hosted by GoDaddy.
  11. I think it would be interesting (going along with the original idea of long / lats) of making it into a KML file for Google Earth on its own to show repeaters/freqs/PL's etc. Now if I could just figure out how to make a KML
  12. Depends on what you want to do with the maps. Are you just looking to see who is out there in your area? or are you setting up a full aprs station at home / laptop. There are several good APRS software packages out there for full set ups UI-View, AGWTracker, APRS Point, etc. or you can go as simple as a java file that runs under Goggle Earth to just monitor the area.
  13. Tried using my D7A and Etrex while back in Ohio couple weeks ago, so Thystle could track back here in CO via internet. Must not have had the pathing right or there were no digipeaters nearby as nothing came across. Will try it again now that I'm back in CO as I know the pathing is right here. But I've used the same set up in the truck with a 1/4 wave antenna not the ducky and its worked fine.
  14. I'm assuming your in the USA? Q: Are there any age requirements to get an amateur radio license? A: No, anyone can obtain an amateur radio license as long as they pass the license exam. I'm not sure what you mean by"once needed" but the tech no code license is about as regular as they come, as far as testing requirements that is. Alot to be enjoyed with this license, good luck and here is a link with some answers regarding such. http://w5ac.tamu.edu/newham.php Well way back when before my time, you had to have a license to operate or talk on should I say a CB radio am I correct? Yes you did need a license for CB (many moons ago) but that is no longer the case. FRS is also a license free communication, but GRMS is not. You do need a license for those frequencies and they are not covered by Ham licenses either.
  15. Cool, I'll be running Net Control from echolink as well. --Marky listening on 9000 right now k7co can't make it in tonight ... at work
  16. You may also want to check out www.Hello-Radio.org , it's dedicated to introducing Ham Radio to interested people.
  17. Justified

    Ham Freq?

    I think I'll leave mine on 146.58 and split it with one of the local repeaters. I was just talking out loud to Thystle this morning about I wonder if there was a "dedicated" freq for Hamcachers. Lo'n'behold I find this topic. Since the only one mentioned is NC and TN and they seem to be on the same, it sounds like a good idea to me. Justified KB8PXV
  18. If I'm home tonight I will try to use Echolink for the first time and log into the net. Dr123d mentioned this to me at the last CACHE meeting and sounds interesting. KB8PXV
  19. KB8PXV, now in Castle Rock, Colorado Dave
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