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It all depends on how much you have to spend and what features you want. If you just want the basics, that Garmin eTrex that you borrowed will do the job and not cost a bundle (usually under $90).


If you want things like on screen mapping, autorouting (turn by turn driving directions), color displays, USB interfaces, expandible map memory, etc... you're talking more money.


If you like the size and form factor of the eTrex, but want something that you can grow into and won't cost a lot, consider the Garmin Venture CX. It sells for under $190 and has the capability to support maps and autorouting, as well as expandible (up to 2 gigs) map memory. It's a real good unit for the money.

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I'll echo Briansnat - even a cheap GPS like the basic one you used will help you find caches. So it really depends on how much you want to spend and what else you might do with a GPSr. You can spend anywhere from $90 up to $700 for this class of GPS and thousands for survey grade units.


If you aren't sure what else you want right now - the Garmin Venture is a great choice with good expandability and quite a rugged little unit.

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i got a Garmin map 76 cx. everyone will tell you something different, but it works just dandy. the color screen is nice too.


76CSx here, LOVE it!


It's pricey though and I don't recommend it if caching is your only purpose for it. It's probably overkill. But I used to have a Garmin eTrex Vista that I loved too. The eTrex Legend is also nice I'm told and will save you some money.

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