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---garmin 60csx 12 volt car adapter question---

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I've never used the Garmin /USB adapter, but I would assume it will power your unit.


I use the car charger from my Motorola RAZR cell phone to power mine in the car quite a bit, & it has a regular USB plug on the end. (alot cheaper that way also)

I've read several other threads on this forum from other members that have used the cell phone charger to power the 60csx also.


I'm pretty sure you can power it from BOTH ways.

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I made my own using a cigarette lighter plug, a length of small double wire, and a couple of small plugs taken from my computer scraps box. Use red for the positive lead so you won't get them mixed up. The Garmin c(s)x series can take up to 18V on the plug. I use mine all the time when in the pickup. If you want you can put a 150ma, 10V or 12V zener diode in the line to clamp the voltage to 10V or 12V. 6V will not be enough. My testing showed that it takes at least 10V on the power plug to work.

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No, the USB port should not be less than 5 VDC, it should be exactly 5VDC, or up to 5.2VDC. Any USB car charger plug should work fine. Paying extra for a Garmin branded unit is just throwing money away.

IMHO. you just payed $350+ for a GPSr. Why kludge together your own cable and risk frying your unit.

I would rather pay Garmin the $23 and have peice of mind that if something goes wrong, they will stand

behind it.

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