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Let's have more fun!

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Darn no winners yet :lol:


Soooo here are more hints


Let's review


The last coin I bought was a personal coin of a MIDWEST cacher. New hint--I have several of this cachers coins. He is a special cacher (but then again aren't we all). No one has mentioned the coin


Now the age business. No one is even close so I'm going to change that question. (Hey its my game so I can change it if I want to!!! :P )




In the first post I said I had injured my knee in a caching accident. Tell me which knee.......

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Mkay, it passed the half hour, and I have yet another refined guess...


1. Magellan Sport Trak Pro (Although you had a Magellan Explorist 200 around your neck in one pic)

2. Indy Diver v2 Geocoin

3. Quigley Jones (He admitted it!)

4. 42 (Maybe you were "4T" when you started caching?)

4a. Left Knee?


Refined my guesses since I was posting when LB4T updated!

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Magellan sportrak

Victory Mike

Quigley Jones

Left knee or 60 yrs. (Based on one of your posts in another contest)



LMAO NO ONE has EVER guessed my age at older than I am!!!!!!! :P:P:lol:


I felt soooo bad after I posted 50.... but I'm horrible with age!




Hey if I was sensitive about it I wouldn't have asked that question!! :P


But it was a very educated guess he made based on a post I made in another thread last night!!!!

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This is getting fun!! Stalkers!!!! :P but I'm still in my jammies!!! :P



Here's the deal. I'll be leaving in about 2-3 hours to go to a birthday party for my honorary sister-in-law. She will be 57 and is older than me! :lol: I will be gone the rest of the day too.


If no one has answered all 4 questions correctly by then, I will award the prize to the first one who had three correct...BUT I am sure that someone will go back and see the error of their guesses and see the light


Oh yeah be specific on the gpsr unit if you haven't been so far.......

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1. Magellan Explorist 200 (But you seem to use a Sport Trak Pro as well)


I know the answer to this!!!!!! the Sport Trak screen died!




No wonder I saw both! LadyBee4T, you've gotta feel like you have about 50 stalkers right now.


The sport trak pro was my caching buddy's just used for the pic. (not a very good pic at that)

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This was fun and I'm glad we have a winner!


I'm hope now that you know a bit about me (not my age though :lol: ) that I can call you all caching friends----Which is one of the things I wanted to do.

Also to put in another plug for my lowrance ifinder h20c which I really love!! (Those of you that found my posts in the lowrance threads know that!)

I hope that you read some of the secret cupid thread and saw how much fun it was


But now that you all have looked at my coin list is there anyone who wants to trade? :P


The sun is now shining here in Michigan and the Kansas Sunshine will soon also be heading to Pennsylvania and to our firends to the North!!



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I dont want the coin just the credit for figuring it out. :lol:


You are absolutely right you had posted it and I missed it So sorry!!! I'll send you out one too!!!!


But actually Quincy Jones is a singer I think and QuigleyJOnes ia a cacher!!!!!!

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Typo I'm Horrible for Those.. Dont send me a coin Just activate it and send it out to find me in Canada. Just send me the tracking code so i can follow its journey. It will make the fun go on. So we can see if it makes it to me. I fit does i'll send it out to find some one else.. Sound ok ??


That sounds like fun!!! Its a deal!

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Congrats LindsyChris!


Dang, and I was the first to guess that specific coin! Duh, me..."midwest" was a giveaway. *bangs head* Now to brush up on spotting GPSr's correctly!


Thanks for the fun LadyBee4T, now maybe you can finally admit that you're only 39? :P


Yes I said he was a SPECIAL cacher but thought if I said he made one of the first geocoins that it would be a dead giveaway!! Victory Mike was an excellent choice but he hasn't sold them just some in caches and face to face trades to my knowledge. Very nice looking coin too..


Now to the gpsr thingy. Well you DID spot the pics!! I don't think I have one of the lowrance though. Yes I do--- it should be in the Bean picture in Chicago that I did recently!!!!!! AND I did say you were going off "TRAK" not a typo this time :lol:


The age--well I've been asked at what age I stopped feeling 29 and I had to answer that I didn't know as I haven't reached that age yet!!! Don't want to repeat 39 though

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Geocachingdragon actually had the first correct response and I missed it. I am sending one out to lindsychris and geocachingdragon asked to have his activated with a goal of making it from me in Michigan to him in Canada. I'll give anyone the tracking number that wants to watch it after its activated.


So I'm going to send the sunshine east AND north.


Thanks everybody!!!

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