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A bit of adventure caching down under on youtube

Team Webguy

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he He, we don't have accents! ;-)


Actually (and sorry to get off-topic, just for a quick sec), I always wondered how someone from the UK, Ireland or Australia would describe an American accent. A couple of friends in college who were from England both used to say to me that most Americans sound to the foreign ear like what we in most parts of the US would call a "southern accent", with it just sounding more pronounced in people that we would think have a "southern accent". Just wondering........I always admired reading about actors and actresses that sound perfectly "American" on TV but in real life are foreign and have an accent but just do a good imitation (i.e. Hugh Laurie on "House", Mark Addy on "Still Standing", Bob Hoskins in the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", Naomi Watts in "The Ring" and "King Kong" (which I saw on HBO last night), etc.).

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great video

I liked the "this is a REAL cache" part.


Micros have their place, especially when they are clever as well. But there seems to be a growing profusion of micros, or small caches where they don't need to be. But, that's way off topic. ;-)


Glad you enjoyed the video, we already have selected the caches for a few more of the geotalk video editions.

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I just wish I could see these things. Im still on a phone line, in California no less, and the phone company sais it will be at least a decade till I can get faster internet. But the nearest po-dunk town gets wireless. Go figure. It just seems like someone should be able to come up with faster service for the few of us in the boonies.

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