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Geocaching Diary

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We find it quite useful to use a notebook where we jotdown every details cache site such as date, distance, cache name, GC-number, coordinates, coins, cache number, and extra-ordinary cache features. It also help us remember what we traded for. With all the detailed data, we find logging caches on-line way simple step with all the descriptive infos in the notebook then prepare an article for the world to know our caching experiences in blog section.


BTW, we used Nomad waterproof geocaching journal - learning from our first adventure, our notebook got soaked through the heavy pouring of rains. Now we enjoy every details from our waterproof journal no matter how wet it is, writing is still made possible. And we find it easy to share our caching experiences when we wish to do so.

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I've just passed 170 finds, and was thinking back on some of the really special parks and really special caches that I've found. They're all starting to merge together in my mind. What will it be like when I log 300, 500, 1000 or more?


Where was that really neat park, with the streamside benches?


Where was that great picnic area on a manmade island?


Do any of you keep a Geocaching Diary for your personal use, separate from the logs under your profile?


If so, what do you do with it? Do you share it with others or is it something you keep personal?


I use Microsoft Office 2007 One Note to log the webpage for the cache, the coordinates, pictures of the cache and a 360 view of it's surroundings, as well as my experience about finding the cache (If it was easy, hard, terrain, how I found it, special notes, who I found it with, weather, everything I can think of.)

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