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  1. Well, I won't bother to justify some things because a broad mind simply accepts that there are multiple explanations for many things in the world. Just came to my mind the possibility of a "Disposable Cache" as well but anyway, some organizations are not easily adaptable to a changing world. But nevermind fellow geocachers! I will make my own elsewhere and it won't be the end of the world.
  2. Maybe Groundspeak is not ready for this but here it goes... I am thinking of a moving/travelling geocache. Think of it a bit like Einstein's Theory of Relativity, while the geocache will never have a fixed coordinates (GPS) in the world, relative to the transport object (cruise ship in this example) it does have a fixed position. So, is this possible? Any suggestions? I was thinking along the lines of a Geocache page in the ship's library book.
  3. We have a growing community of geocachers in Panama, sadly many of our geocaches get vandalized rather quickly by children who find them, regular people who find it and don't give a darn about the contents even when you leave a stash note or sometimes by the ground keepers that dig deep and find the caches. I have planted 3 caches in Panama and all 3 have gotten vandalized. I submitted my 4th a few days ago which is waiting approval (GC3H90X) but I wonder how long it will last before it gets vandalized. For that reason I am not planting any geocoin or travel bugs. Another issue we are having in Panama is that several of the geocaches are planted in remote areas that I would almost dare calling "extreme geocaching". Given that it is a tropical country some of these become dangerous due to poisonous animals and the like. Today I read a log in one of the urban caches in a park near a nature preservation area and the finder not only found the cache but also a small snake (where there is a small there is "mama" as well). Likewise I went on the hunt for another one in a botanical garden and had to abort because a LOOSE crocodile was roaming around freely. But I guess what I find most annoying is the excessive vandalization, no matter how well you hide it when you get back after several DNF it turns out the cache is gone.
  4. This forum is mostly read by Mexicans and Bermudians, would be nice if other active countries had their own forums to avoid this kind of problems, it is very difficult to find it for your own country and then when you look in the forum most posts are Mexico or Bermuda so you basically stop looking and go somewhere else. For example, we have a growing community of geocachers in Panama as well as tourists that come and want to plant their own but it always takes a long time to get a listing approved and very difficult to raise the questions related to your own country. In Panama for example most geocachers are in the capital but many of the geocaches are in the country side. Sure, we do go out of our way to plant them and check them out or arrange for a local non-geocacher to look after it but it is nearly impossible to fully comply. Also, with the growing amount of tourists coming, many want to plant their own geocaches but find it difficult to come in contact with the locals due to the lack of a dedicated forum for that country.
  5. Si gracias, hace unos días lo aprobó. Ahora falta ver quien lo encuentra primero
  6. Me pregunto cómo se puede practicar el Geocaching de una manera "segura" en ciudades de países donde ya hay mucho crímen o está en aumento. Por ejemplo, si dejas algo en el carro "Los ocupantes del carro están buscando un geocaché y regresaran pronto" para que sepan donde estás en caso de que te suceda algo (cerca del bosque), los criminales lo pueden utilizar para esperarte. Si andas por la ciudad con un GPS inmediatamente quedas identificado como "turista" al igual que como blanco de malhechores que quieran hacerse de tu equipo. Si caminas con el GPS en la búsqueda lo más seguro es muy sospechoso para la policía y guardias de seguridad que abundan en estos lugares. Y en países donde la lucha contra la droga vá en aumento pueden pensar que estás escondiendo un poco de droga (o buscándola). No sé, me parece un dilema muy grande que no confronta uno en muchos países de Europa.
  7. I used to travel to Medellin relatively often in the past few years (not anymore though). I also sought GC there but none in the city, a few some 45 minutes out though. I just wonder how "secure" it is to geocache in places with a lot of crime such as Colombia & Panama, you really don't want anybody to see your GPS or see that your car is "abandoned" while looking for a GC.
  8. Alguien sabe cual es el tiempo promedio de aprobación de un geocaché localizado en Panamá? hace varios días creé uno y todavía está esperando aprobación. No hay ninguna notificación de cual es el estado actual (asignado a una persona, en la linea de espera, etc.). La lista de geocaches en Panama está creciendo, el único problema es que la mayoría parece estar en lugares remotos (dentro del bosque) que no son de facil acceso al geocacher promedio En lo particular quiero tratar de plantar mas en la misma ciudad y en otras ciudades del país. En fin, en Facebook ya tenemos un grupo de 19 Panameños pero todavía no hemos organizado ningún evento.
  9. Casualmente la semana pasada planté el GC2E77E en un botecito de M&M Mini's sin embargo lleva ya varios dias esperando el "review"
  10. Thought about it so far only the online log at GeoCaching.com but have some lose notes here and there on disk. My original idea was to add a GeoCaching section to my website but other interests keept preempting me from doing so. Perhaps one day...
  11. Wonder what happened to all those promised TBs. Coming from a family with several diabetics, I ordered one back in December and to this date I am still waiting for it to show up in my mailbox.
  12. Well I hope I do get invited someday to be a reviewer for my home country. I just spent nearly 5 months there again and as a rule (more than the exception) I go every year. Needless to say I lived there some 24 years and am quite in touch with the reality of the country, its geography and the mindset of the locals (to name a few :-)) Additionally I might be re-emigrating there within a year or two. Yes, there are only 20+ caches hidden there but you should also consider that a year ago there were only about 4 caches, of which 2 were "virtual" caches. The local geocaching community is growing though it might take a while. Also, as tourism is growing we see the trend of geocaching tourism in Panama as well. Personally I do have some plans for geocaching in Panama but I still need time to investigate some things. Well, hopefully one day I get invited to become a Panama reviewer :-)
  13. Yes, I was wondering myself. I have noticed that the cachés in my home country are always reviewed by someone that lives on the other side of the ocean. While mostly I have no objection, shouldn't a native have preference in the choosing of a reviewer? a native has better knowledge of the geography and laws of the country in question and can therefore (provided he or she has enough geocaching experience) provide a better assesment of the caché. Just curious
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