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Thanks for the contests!


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Yes, this has been a blast. No relatives with us or nearby so this was fun. Hanging in the forums between wrapping (that seems to go on forever), opening, eating, playing, cleaning and watching good adventure movies has been awesome. I certainly appreciate the generosity shown here these past few days and look forward to paying it forward in the near future. (To do list - buy more coins.) Thanks for letting me play and for the wins. A real present for our family. :laughing:

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I to would like to thank all the contest people and GC.com for allowing us to break the rules for a couple of days. This has been a great Christmas and one I'm sure not to forget soon!


Merry Christmas to all


The Geo-community has been the best group of people our family has came in contact with and we are glad we started caching!

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I've posted thanks in just about every thread, and that would usually be construed as spam, but I can't say it often enough. Look at the current front page threads in this forum. All of the generosity, joy, good will, good wishes and fun, fun, fun has been marvelous, entertaining, and inspiring. Thanks to TPTB for allowing much which should have been in the off-topic forum.


In the New Year I hope that we can keep the sheer joyfulness and respectful good wishes going. Thanks to all of the coin contest holders, who provided coins, and contest participants who provided entertaining responses, and coin makers for the wonderful holiday coins and suprises.


Merry Christmas and many FTF to all in the New Year!


Holiday Cheer,


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A big thanks from us, too! This was my first Christmas without my father (he passed away last June), and the fun in the forums was a WONDERFUL distraction for me. You guys (and gals) are the BEST! Thanks to all for the coins we won, thanks to those that we didn't (some of those contests were really fun to watch or try to solve), and thanks to those that participated in our silly giveaways. May you find all you caches and may your traveling coins never go missing! Happy Holidays!

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