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Merry Geo-mas!

The Blue Quasar

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Merry Christmas to all! If you celebrate something else, hope you enjoy your special day as well.


For those that are hoping to get some presents tomorrow, what are you hoping to get?


I sent my wish list to Cache-Tech, which only had one item on it... A "Locationless Cache" icon in my Geocaches Owned Profile, but I doubt CT can fill that request. Maybe next year I'll ask for a "Project APE" icon.


But seriously, I am hoping for some winter wear for Snow-Caching! And maybe some 'pre-made' caches like I got last year.


What's everyone else hoping to get?


:laughing: The Blue Quasar

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Merry Christmas Everyone


Santa got me a new geocaching hat, a new geocaching tshirt, a new geocaching pin, a new geocaching patch and a new Signal antenna ball. I am now fully emblazoned with the geocaching logo on all external gear. I am going to put the patch on my new Columbia geocaching vest (the one with all the pockets!)


On a related note Santa also got me a new satellite radio.


Now I have 2 satellite antennas attached to the roof of my truck.


I am going to go find a cache today as well!!!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


My shiny new plasma-or-lcd-or-any-other-technology-that-results-in-a-bigger-than-lifesize-picture television failed to show up under my Christmas tree this year. Again. :P Oh well. Maybe next year. :)


Santa did bring along a pair of camo-fleece gloves though, so my hands will be toasty warm if winter ever arrives.


My biggest wish for 2007 is for the chance to get out caching regularly again. Those pesky family troubles kept getting in the way during most of 2006. More than missing out on the caching and the caches, I've missed out more on spending time with my friends. Fingers crossed and re-crossed for 2007!


Best wishes to all TFOTT for a safe and healthy 2007! :P


TrimblesTrek - Larry, Linda, and Benny

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