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Most accurate Reciever


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I can say from personal experience that there really isn't a "most accurate receiver" among the popular makes, which would be Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance. They may behave differently when you are moving, but if you let them settle in most environments, they report about the same position, within EPE (Estimated Position Error), good enough for Geocaching.


I use 5 year old designs from both Garmin and Magellan, and the cheapest Lowrance on the market, but I can still get very close to caches hidden by users of more expensive models without problems.


My guess is that you really want to discuss which receiver has the quickest position fix.

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Of course the accuracy for locating a cache is also based on the 'accuracy' of the placers GPS and the effort they went through to get good coordinates.


There are still cachers out there using older units that only have two decimal digits of 'minutes' accuracy. Nxx xx.xx and still are able to find caches, so unless you are trying to do something beyond the real capabilities of a receiver, I dont think I would worry alot about it.

In fact, my more recent finds have been using a garmin Foretrex 101 (about as least cost as you can get these days) without trouble, and very comparable to my MeriGold for getting to the cache.

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True last poster I packed up Geocaching because my accurate 60CSx was trying to find an incaccurate hiiden Geocach and one had to walk around until it was found, what a waste of time! The hidden Geo cachesshould put what type of GPSr they used. Then I would then resume finding Geo caches type for type.

When you are within 20' you are supposed to start looking. Your GPS is pretty worthless when you are within that 20' give or take a few feet. That's regardless of brand or old and new.

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