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Geocacher Walks Cross Country...


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My friend, Bill McDannell (aka Radical Geezer) is walking from San Diego, CA to Washington DC and, yes, he is a travel bug. I don't want to get into the reason for his walk as this is not the appropriate "forum" for such things. If you see him walking by be sure to ask him for his TB number so you can discover him. Here is his route.


No, he will not be caching along the way, he has lots of walking to do.


If you do see him, post it here, maybe with a picture! Here's a picture of him, just about to leave San Diego County...



He'll be wearing the white shirt and the jeans for the entire hike (not the same ones, I hope!). :rolleyes:

If you see him tell him Duncan said Hi!




Edit: Forgot a link to his TB page: WTETW

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Very neat!!! I saw in the logs thats he's east of Yuma heading to Tucson. We live in the Tucson(Vail) area but will be driving to Yuma Friday. We will keep a eye out for him waking along the hywy. If he's in the Tucson area when we get back from our Thankgiving travels we'll offer him a place to stay!!!

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