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What’s wrong with my Legend etrex?


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Common problem on aging units ... evidently there is a connector inside that works it way loose. Depending on the age of the unit, if you take the right tone when contacting with Garmin, they'll usually offer to replace it "under warranty" for free or for older units a fairly low cost.


Legends and the original Vistas seemed to suffer the most from this issue.


... and yes, a well placed "smack" on the back of the unit seems to in many instances jostle things back into position.

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It's it under warranty so I'll call Garmin.


If Garmin wants to charge you anything for the repair, don't do it. There is a ribbon connector that's become loose inside the unit, and you can fix it yourself. I have a PDF file here that shows the steps to repair it. If you want it just send me your email address and I'll send you the file. The Garmin smack is a shortterm fix, and will make the problem worse in the long run by loosening the connection even more.

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