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Cache by appointment?

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I've been thinking... :D:D yeah, I know this can often lead to headaches and nosebleeds...but this time I think I may be on to something. I have a friend who runs a wolf refuge. It is not generally open to the public, but tours can be arranged by appointment. I've been thinking about approaching this person about setting up their place as a virtual cache-by-appointment. Within the cache listing I would include contact info for them abd then the prospective cacher would set up an appointment and then find the refuge by coords rather than the usual driving directions. This would provide the cacher with an opportunity to visit with some really cool wolves and would provide the refuge with some exposure to folks that would really appreciate the work being done at the refuge.


My question is, is this as good of an idea as I think it is, or am I totally off in woohoo land here?


Please feel free to shower me with your wisdom...I am a sponge, let me soak...and then squeeze me to see what comes out!

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Limited hours-maybe OK; by appointment only-not OK.

Virtual cache-not OK. No new ones have been listed for quite a while.

This probably would not get past the commercial/solicits guideline either.


Bad idea for a cache, very cool idea for a waymark. I'm sure you can find some category for it.

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Caches must generally be available to all geocachers. You shouldn't need to schedule an appointment to complete a cache.


Also, virtual caches are no longer listed at Geocaching.com. You could maybe try to find a category where this would fit at Waymarking.com.


My suggestion would be to sponsor an event cache so that interested geocachers could experience this interesting location.

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Even before I read Keystones comment I was thinking event cache. Not only would it give them an opportunity to show the work that they are doing with the wolves, but it would allow the local geocachers to get together and see a local place that they would have to go to some trouble to get to. Make it an event cache and if it does well, look at making it a yearly thing. That is almost a "cache by appointment". I also don't think that is a very good idea. As for Waymarking, it may not be the best idea, depending upon what sort of area it is, how they deal with the wolves, if it is considered a nature preserve or not. There are many places in this area that I know of due to the work that I do, that I would never list because of the sensitivity of the areas (threatened species, etc.). Just my thoughts fwtw.

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Geocaching is about using your GPS to find something. Even if new virtual caches were allowed, they should be about finding something. Just because you know a neat place to visit doesn't mean it is a cache (or even that you should hide a cache there). Waymarking provides a place to share coordinates of neat places to visit with others who might also be interested. A Waymarking category for wildlife sanctuaries or refuges, particularly those that the public can visit even it is by appointment only, sounds like a good idea. If you can get a group together to sponsor this as a Waymarking category, I'm sure it would be approved.

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