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  1. I may just be lost, but I can't figure out how to delete a bookmark list. Somebody help me, please.....
  2. Is there a way to search for bookmarks or simply get a list of bookmarks for users in a certain area? Perhaps search bookmarks by keyword? Havn't seen this but could be missing it. Thanks
  3. I'm looking to put together a bookmark list of all geocaches that were created as bookcrossing sites. I'll probably never get to most of them, but I'd like to have the list none the less. I've done a standard search for "bookcrossing" as a keyword. Am wondering if anyone knows of any other than those that come up on that search. Thanks....
  4. That is a sweeeettt picture. He/she attempted it, you can give them that....
  5. We haven't seen the denied cache, the other side of the story. Ya know? You are very correct. Below is the cache description... "For all of you who love Land Rovers, post some pictures of your baby here. Jeep came out with travel bugs and I placed this cache to start off a 2007 Jeep travel bug. The contradiction shouldn't be lost on anyone.... This is an area with some very nice, quiet and peaceful trails right in the middle of Bowling Green. Unfortunately they aren’t accessible by Land Rover, or bicycle or any motorized vehicle for that matter. But all in all I wouldn't have it any other way, it’s a peaceful way to spend an hour or two and pick up two caches while you're in BG. The cache is very near the trail edge and it should be easily found without any hunting in the wood line. Please use discretion to insure that you leave the site as you found it, or better." What do you think? Oh yeah, all vehicles depreciate. And every vehicle has a niche. I wouldn't use a Jeep but then I wouldn't use a Unimog either. Neither of them do the job for me. As for dependability, all vehicles have problems, even Land Rovers (replace the air system on the Disco IIs if you have one, you will be eventually anyway). But all in all, I love our Disco....
  6. Okay, so I got my jeep travel bug, mostly because it was free. I don't particularly like jeeps, lots of reasons, personal preference mostly. So I decided to place a cache (I havn't placed many so this seemed like a good reason) in conjunction with the jeep bugs. The cache is to be named "Land Rovers Rock", see the sarcasm there. Anyway, it was to be the starting point for the jeep tb that I received. But it was disapproved by the reviewer on the grounds that it did not follow the "commercial cache" guidelines. In short he considered it a commercial cache. I'm in no way connected with LR, I do not work for the company, a foreign car repair shop, an off-road supply company, anything, you name it. I just love Land Rovers. So I'm curious as to why Jeep can advertise on geocaching.com and I can't have a cache because it has the name of the vehicle that I am keenly interested in, towards being an obsession. Any thought, background behind the Jeep commercial, etc. I'm guessing that there is some sort of agreement (money?) between Groundspeak and Jeep. Am I right? Is that right? Curious. (Land Rovers Rock!!!)
  7. Thanks for the answers. I had a feeling that was the case. Am just editing the information and creating another cache in another location. Thanks. Follow up to the coin thing, does this allow you to move it from there to an event and log it in at an event and then out of that event? I've seen that done and don't really understand why or how.... Thanks all for the answeres...
  8. So this is the deal. I have a cache that wason't reviewed, it isn't going to be possible to have that cache now. So I have this cache sitting there as unpublished. Is it possible to actually delet it?
  9. I like the translucent/clear cache idea. I'd never thought about it, but have placed one simply because that is what I had. This idea might be the way to start heading with the issue of "National Security". Something that I have not understood is, knowing that there are geocaches out there, why the police don't quickly get on geocaching.com and look to see if there is a geocache in the spot. Granted if someone wanted to they could get a cache approved and then put something there, but that isn't something I would guess that they would do. Likewise, anyone could place a geocache sticker on anything, something like the idea with the pink bunny, they could do it anyway they wanted to. I'm going to start placing as many in plastic containers as I can. I've got two planned right now that would be great for that. Thanks for jogging the sort of thinking par of my brain...
  10. biosearch


    I use an m100 series and I have the same problem with batteries. Just make sure that you have a fresh set of batteries in it before you head out, and keep it sync'd and backed up... You can't beat it....
  11. I would think that they could work something out with you. I would use the example of the jeep travel bug and the Diabetes travel bug. While they do not specifically ask for donations, they are free advertisement and/or awareness campaigns. I'd mention that... I'd also, perhaps, mention it to your the local chapter of an organization that supports cancer research, etc. You might even contact the Lance Armstrong Foundation for a handful of their bracelets, and perhaps drop the idea of a travel bug, like the diabetes one, in their laps. I'm well aware of awareness campaigns dealing with medical issues. Use your imagination.
  12. Can't get free detailed maps from another person, unless they want to send you their copies. Lots of reasons why. You can find Mapsend topo maps, which is what you want for the 210, on eBay. There are a couple of copies on there right now for about 70.00, expensive, but far less expensive than the 150.00 you've found elsewhere. Even if you are using it primarly for work in the sciences (biology, nature history, floristics, etc.) it helps to have the maps, helps a lot. I use mine in my work, plant survey/collection work, and I would be lost without the topos. Well worth the money.
  13. Briansnat, Yes it is my coin. I purchase one of the BatBubba coins (I think that is it). I want to get it around to all of the 5 rated caches that I hit, preferably caves. My next big one is Plunge Extreme. I plan on leaving a coin in the cache, Cache Critters (caves have a lot of them so I thought that it was appropriate), but I wanted to log the cave coin and then take it along with to other caches that I hit. I'm hoping to get to PE within the week for my second try (my gps died the last time out, this time I have that taken care of). Thanks everyone for the answers. I'm just now getitng into the geocoin thing. One of the ones that I bought my eldest daughter scarfed up and is keeping. It is a Pink Floyd coin. I plan on taking it to events with me. I also have a geoswag coin, the cave coin, an Unknown Soldier Coin (serious history behind that one for me) and something else. I'm going to start trying to get to caches that have coins. The more I move that happier I'll be. I haven't cached in a while, have been waiting for my new gps. So now I have an Explorist 400 and am ready to get back to it.
  14. I've got a geocoin that I'd like to log into a certain cache but not leave. I'm wondering if it is, first of all, possible to log it in and then log it out immediately, and if it is, is this something that people frown upon or an accepted policy. I've seen something like this done at events, but I'm not sure that I've seen, or heard of it being done, at normal caches. Thanks. (If this is topic isn't appropriate here, would someone be so kind as to let me know and I'll move it over to somewhere more appropriate.)
  15. I'd change my geocaching name, came up with it just because I needed something... didn't really put a lot of thought into it.
  16. Never used my Explorist, 210 or 400, for turn by turn directions, but now that I've read your account of what it is like, I'm going to have to give it a try. I love a challenge and driving myself crazy...
  17. Beautiful artwork, like it. Enough people have noted it so I think it is obvious that some people don't like the cards. But then some do. I would say just do what you enjoy. Something to think about. You might make these into small stickers and use them to put in the cache log. Seen a number of them. With the logo you have it would add something nice to the log you leave.
  18. Thanks. Could you check one more thing for me? Put yours in file transfer mode, and let me know the size & date of the \Background Maps\BASEMAP.MGI file on the internal memory? I've got the green version of the 400. Basemap.mgi file is 8,365 KB Hope that helps... bio Sorry, date for that basemap is 1/14/2005 I'd like to know if anyone has something different. bio
  19. Thanks. Could you check one more thing for me? Put yours in file transfer mode, and let me know the size & date of the \Background Maps\BASEMAP.MGI file on the internal memory? I've got the green version of the 400. Basemap.mgi file is 8,365 KB Hope that helps... bio
  20. I use an m125 Palm that I got off of eBay for about 10 bucks. 125s run more than the other m series but it has expandable memory, and more on board memory than the others. There is an m100 on eBay for a buck and 4 dollars shipping. You can't beat that. Make sure that it comes with a cradle. You can download the software from the web. Cachemate is only 8 bucks. You can get set up for less than 20 bucks.
  21. I see how this can work, but to be honest with you a couple of dollar palm (m100, there is one on ebay right now for $1.00 and 5.00 shipping) and cachemate ($8) just can't be beat. And the stuff you can store on the palm with cachemate is impressive... Thought I would mention it...
  22. This thread just caught my eye, so I read it... (like that isn't obvious, eh)... I've got some experience with backpacks/rucksacks... The key is, really, not with the shoulder straps or where they ride, it is in the hipbelt. You should have the majority of the weight solidly on the hips. Start there and then adjust from that point. I've spent many a day with a ruck that did not have a hipbelt, the difference, once you get the adjustment correct, is tremendous... Just a thought...
  23. I agree with the other posts. You will get the cachers who are after good quality caches, those that take you somewhere interesting or require some specialty skills. This is a new one. Most I have seen are climbing, caving or water related. I would be thriled to be out in your area and try to figure out how to get to this one since I do not take part in this activity. Please, let me know if you do this, where it is, I'd like to at least take a look at the description, location and logs. Perhps posting a picture of you and your "crafft" would also be good.
  24. I have been thinking about this issue as we have had the same thing happen over here on this side of the pond. If police (in general) knew more about geocaching this sort of thing might be able to be taken care of easily. When, or if, a possible explosive device was discovered the police simply had one of their office staff drop in coord. for the area of the "bomb" they could find out if there was a geocache in the area. Look at the description of the cache and viola. Of course it would have to be checked out, but it would be a much less involved process. We go up to strange boxes in strange places all of the time. They could do it as well. Perhaps some cooperative effort can be made between local geocachers and the police. It has been on my mind for some time.
  25. Thanks for the replies. I am, of course, talking about coins I own. I wouldn't even consider holding someone elses coin. I only have two that I want to keep. I plan to get some to release. I hope they aren't kept, seems, as nice looking as they are and as expensive as some may be, it would be tempting for some to keep them.
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