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GPS Accuracy


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That is pretty good. I get about 10 feet under the best conditions and more often 15-30 with all of my units (Geko 201, 60CS, Vista and Magellan MeriGold).


You also have to remember that number is an estimate. Different mfrs use different methods of arriving at an EPE. When I was using a Lowrance it rarely read under 50 feet but I found it to as accurate with an EPE of 50+ feet than my Magellan or Garmins were with a an EPE of 10-15 feet.

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It will also depend on accuracy of cache hiders GPS unit also.....


I get mixed results. I have had everything from 20 feet to 0 feet and yes cache was right at spot where GPS said 0 feet....


Best accuracy checks would be survey monument markers (USGS). Then average distance from several monuments finds to get general accuracy numbers...

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I have a new Magellan Explorist 300 and it runs RINGS around my old Meridian Platinum....

Forget all i said about accuracy! -well, except that many caches were placed with older equipment and by person or persons of undetermined care and ability.


Apparently the three years or so since I got new equipment has generated some remarkable improvement. I just placed a new cache this evening and was able to go back spot on from two different directions.


The rated accuracy is 3 metres. This is about 1/5 the rated error of the old unit. And it doesn't "overshoot" like the old unit did (or at least not as much). So far I seem to be typically getting within 10-20 feet on finds.


(this rave review is based on just a half dozen or so caches found so far with it)

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