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  1. Could be a Canada issue, there was something in the update Canada specific. Will try again to reload and see if it works again. No one else seems to have the issue.
  2. I did have it updated to 3.90. Worked for 2 days of caching then acted up. Had to go back to 3.71 cause that's all that was showing on Garmin's site. Worked good with previous firmware, can't remember what version it was, but the latest update is where the problem started. Will watch to see if anyone else has issues in the next couple of weeks, cause it was just out last week or so.
  3. Has to be a bug in new firmware, reloaded 3.71 beta firmware and it's working good again. Anyone else?
  4. I loaded it last week or so with new firmware, did a bunch of caches, and now today it shows me on the otherside of the world when, well sometimes when I'm moving and then it's sometimes when I'm stopped. As soon as I do the opposite, it puts me back in actual location, and then will go back to otherside of world. Anyone else experiencing these problems. I reloaded firmware and same problem. When I reloaded firmware i noticed it said "fixed issue when moving slowly in Canada"I think they created an issue. Any thoughts.
  5. Not exactly sure,but when I put GPX files that made it over 2000 caches, it didn't have all the caches. Will have to look into it more, someone else may know more. As for custom poi's, yeah you can make as much as you like just like the 60
  6. I have this mount and hate it. I had the old 60csx with the ram mount and liked it, so I pre ordered this mount hoping it would be great, but am totally disappointed in it. It's hard to replace and remove and even worse if you want to connect a power cord. The rubber cover needs to be opened enough to grab it, but not so much so that you can't place in the holder. Once in place in mount, then the power cord can be attached. It has to be removed (power cord) before GPS can be removed from mount. Very poor design. Now after some use, my GPS moves around in the holder, so it needs a paper shim to stop it from rattling. Another problem is the bottom of the mount blocks the 2 bottom buttons, you can still get to them, but you need to remove gloves or have small fingers. The worst part is they should of just incorporated the stock belt clip holder to mount it. Garmin uses it and it's much better, it can remained plugged in when removing/replacing.
  7. Max & Mishu been caching with me for years, usually if they can't go to a cache, it's usually not worth doing. They've probably seen and been to more than most people.
  8. Areas can recover from the carelessness of cachers, but it's embarassing and I don't want to be there searching in a trampled area when someone else comes around enquiring. As for being over sensitive, you would of been embarassed if you saw the area. I'm not talking about a broken branch and a rock turned over. The area was very well trampled. Anyways the real point is this kind of thing could really hurt the sport in others eyes. And a proper hint would go a long way in preventing such things. I like caching for the places it brings me to, but if the place is destroyed, it's more discouraging than exciting.
  9. More and more I'm seeing a darker side of caching. People placing hard to find caches and others tearing the area up to find it. I'm all for clever hides, crafty cache containers and the like, but more and more it's just caches that are placed in a huge rock pile, or beautiful area with no real hint. So cachers tear up the area looking for the find. I understand that we all like to play different ways, but when the area get's trampled, branches broken, rocks flipped over, it's got to be wrong. I'm thinking if your gonna place a cache, you should have a hint that really helps, not like "under a rock" in rock pile or no hint at all. Caches should be hidden from muggles, but more obvious for cachers. It's bad enough to see places littered with garbage, but when the area is trampled down, you know it's fellow cachers that are doing it. At first, I would not say anything as it was a rare occurrence, but lately it seems to be getting worse. What your thoughts.
  10. used a solar panel in the canoe, not for charging, but it powered the GPS while canoeing, leaving the batteries to take care of just the hiking/portaging aspect. Great for canoe trips.
  11. Like Gaga said, install each map sets seperately, just rename before installing the next and so on.
  12. I just re-opened my custom (60CSX) waypoints in Paint, re-save them as 24 bitmap, then just dragged and dropped them in the custom waypoint folder on the GPS. Worked for me.
  13. Anybody else still having caches not show up on the calendar. 2.50 is suppose to fix it, but it didn't for me. Is there a file that needs to be reset or something. Release notes works fine, but nothing on the calendar.
  14. uploading my maps and renaming each one, so far so good. Now I can just add or delete any mapset without getting rid of all of them. Actually working out better this way.
  15. My maps were working fine, but then after the Beta, all my maps (topo, metroguide,Ibycus, and Ontario trails) all show up together to enable or disable. Before I could enable them all seperate. Do I need to re install and if so, can I add them seperate, and can I add more as I'm using the garmin Gpsmap62s. Is there no limit like the 60, except the size of the memory card? Lots of questions, but it will help me get set up like I want it to be.
  16. 60csx doesn't do paperless, you need the 62. Only way is to print the sheets or use a PDA.
  17. Lots of these can be helped if people used hints more and actually had a hint. In a big rock pile and saying under a rock is not a hint. Or when they say no hint needed, unless it's pretty obvious where it will be when you get to the GZ, a hint is needed. I did one where the CO even stated the GPS will act up because of cover/location, but then gives no hint. I think they should all have a hint that tells you basicly where it is, so if you looked for an hour without the hint, you can use the hint to finally find it. I really like caching for the cool locations I would of otherwise never seen, and if I have to spend so much time looking for the actual cache, I have less time to enjoy the beauty of the area and to get pics.
  18. Tried out the firmware today in the field, after finding a cache, it still didn't show up on the calendar. When I plugged it in to the car adapter it went into usb mode, but froze at 99%. Shut down and restarted, still working.
  19. Was reading the other post about the Oregon and seen they found the workaround for the next stage. Well for the 62s with 2.44, you can also save the next stage. After loading next stage and going back to the cache description page, hit menu, save as waypoint. The only thing is you have to go in waypoint manager afterwards to rename it if you want to. But still is a cool feature.
  20. Mine still like new sitting in the drawer. Gps is usually in a mount somewhere along the way and it's a pain to remove case just to put in mount. Used it once or twice when I was just hiking, but that's it. Just tried it on my new 62 and it fits well. But the same thing applies, wont work with a mount, but can use it when hiking. Does put some glare on the screen though, not tightly held against it.
  21. Well was hoping for a public release , but with all the caching I've been doing lately, I'm anxious to try out the new firmware. So last night i cleared all GPS info, reset all settings, pulled out the memory card with all my maps and reloaded the Beta firmware. rebooted and let it complete. Checked it out a bit to see if all was ok, then replaced my card, worked OK, and then loaded caches to it. tried playing with it a bit again and tried it again this morning. So far, so good. I have a copy of the 2.40 just in case, but so far not needed.
  22. So who all has this working for them. Trying to find positive feedback, but is yours still working good with new firmware..
  23. Same thing with businesses and such. You have to pick "go to", then move the curser over the pushpin and press enter to see street names and phone numbers.
  24. When searching for custom POI's, like found caches, you get the gc# but can't get more info. The only way to get more info is to move the arrow over the POI and press enter. Should be able to do it from search, so you have more description. Sorta like the way new caches appear. Does anyone know of another way
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