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Coin theft

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I have a cache on my front porch. How it came to be there as opposed to be in the woods is a different story. It is better stocked than most caches. And for some reason one of few caches where almost everybody trades up. Sometimes WAY up.


It also seems to be a popular exchange for TBs, although I think there aren't any in there now, mostly because of easy access and close proximity to two major highways.


BUT a few months back someone left an unactivated trackable coin. I have no clue who left it, because nobody mentioned (in paper log or online) thet they left a coin. That actually seems to happen quite a bit with expensive or popular trade item that appear in my cache.


Every once in a while, I open up the cache to read the log book. Yesterday I noticed the coin is gone. Nobody mentioned taking it or trading for it!


I hear of coin theft often, but never thought it would strike this close to home. And as the owner of the cache, I feel somewhat responsible.


Now I just wish I had written down the coin number, so when it does get activated I will know who has it.

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Just a for instance,


When I was in St. Louis I left several unactivated Geocoins in caches we found. When I had gotten home I had a couple emails saying people had picked them up, but they didn't know how to log them because I hadn't activated them. So these people thought they were travelers because they were there. Instead it was a pleasant surprise to them that they got to keep them. Now you say the "leaver" didn't note it, so the "taker" may not know who to contact to find out it wasn't a traver but a keeper.


You could probably contact the most recent visitors and ask if they saw the coin in there when they visited. I have found the majority of cachers are VERY kind, understanding and truthful. If they saw the coin they'll tell you, if they took it, they will likely tell you that also. Just let them know it was a trade item not a traveler. Most likely they will eturn to trade for such a nice gift!


Hope it works out for everyone involved!

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I wouldn't call this theft. I would call this trading. It was unacticvated and not mentioned in the logs. You said the cache was full of nice things so what makes you think it was "stolen" and not traded fairly for?


A stolen coin usually means that it's activated, shows up on the cache page, but is no longer in the cache and nobody claims to have seen it.


What you described was a trade that was simply not mentioned in the logs.

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