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where to buy Nano/Pico containers?


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Google magnetic Blinkies - you'll find them at many places.

I found 100 for $50 somewhere a few months back. With shipping they were about .65 each. Take the battery out and it's a mr magneto.


I didn't hide these guys (ammo cans hold up so well), I used them as cache goodies, intact - blinkie blinkie...



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I thougut you got pico from eating paint chips


Erm... you have that sort of backwards. :P Pica means having a craving and eating non-food items; depending on what's being eaten, it's a symptom of a number of different disorders, some psychological, some physical.


IIRC, pica also refers to a type size (as in the size of characters on a screen or in print)...

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