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Lost Field Notes in GPX Sonar


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This was a known problem and I thought it was fixed, but I got a new Axim and had the problem a lot on Sunday - but it was the first time using the Axim and I might not have loaded the right version. I haven't had time to check the website to see if it's updated. There are now two other competing programs which would be worth checking out - Cachemate and Smache.

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After digging deeper into the GPX Sonar forums, I discovered this tip from another post and it works:


Run file explorer ( start/programs/file explorer )

Select my device, then tap the program files, then gpxsonar folders. (You should see the config folder in there, along with Docs and Export)

If it's not there, tap and hold in the blank area of the window, and select new folder. Then rename the new folder to Config.


Now I just have to try to remember what trade items I put in which caches over the weekend :anicute:


Thanks for your input.

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Hey it does work

Well I was having the same problem but we saw on another forum about going in and making a config file in the gpx sonar program folder. and this keeps all the notes and just in case also make a export file as well,

This saves them and it even keeps them til i sync or use notes cleaner.

Now my problem is getting them from ipag to gsak and out of notes on word pad .

any ideas. :D

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