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PDA: Should I Pay For Higher Screen Resolution

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I don't think this has been touched upon.


I'm looking to buy a PDA and don't want to go over $100.


I notice that PDAs come in 160x160 or 320x320 resolution.


I can buy a brand new z22 for $100. It is color, but only has 160x160 resolution.


Or, I can EBAY a z71 for the same price with 320x320 resolution.


Is there a REAL advantage to the 320x320?


Does more fit on the screen, or just the same but sharper?


Regarding downloaded maps, is there an advantage here?

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i have an Ipaq 3955. My brother-in-law bought a new Dell Axim. I cannot read his PDA because of the higher resolution. Along with the higher resolution and clearer screen comes smaller numbers and letters. Being older I find that these smaller numbers and letters require me to wear reading glasses to see properly. This is not the case with my older PDA. You might want to look at PDA's with each screen resolution and see if this is a problem for you.

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If you're buying it strictly for geocaching, then a cheap black and white model, with low res, will be fine. The main concern is readability in outdoor lighting, and the B&W models will do well for that. The text will be more than adequately legible on a low res model.


However, if you're a gadget freak (like me) the Palm may become a favored toy. I keep loads of information on mine, as well as games, and a couple dozen books. I currently have a T|X, which is my third Palm. First two were a Vx, which was monochrome and low res, but remarkably easy to read. The second was an m500, which, while color, was not very good color. Quite hard to read. The T|X is just simply gorgeous, and even fairly readable in outdoor daylight.


I live and die by my Palm.

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