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anything good up in the adirondacks, NY


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A friend of mine knows of an abandoned mining town near rts 28/30 up in the adirondacks and we're supposed to be going up there to go camping in 2 wks. The only cache that would lead us to anything weird/unusual/cool is one that leads to an 1800's cemetery deep in the woods.


Wondering if anyone knows of anything in the area of abandoned ruins that I might go and look for while in the area (geocache nearby or not)

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There's the McIntyre Mine (iron) & Upper Works http://www.adirondack-park.net/history/mcintyre.mine.html - Now that I think about it, this may be where you're going already.


The B47 crash site can be difficult to find up on Wright Peak. While you're in that area, Marcy Dam is a nice stop, yet very heavily trafficked.


There are 2 good museums up there, one in Blue Mountain Lake and a newer one in Tupper Lake (I think).

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Although we can think of nothing “good” about a plane crash, it may be what you are looking for. This article describes one on Wright Peak in the Adirondacks. There is still plenty of debris in the area.


Waterboy With Wife


Yes the Wright peak site is an easy objective.. 1/1.5 AFTER you get to the top of Wright... for a challenge there is also wreck on Seward, and another one in the High Peak region whose location escapes me right now. Other than old lean-to sites, there aren't many man made ruins in the area and I don't remember any cemeteries. If you go above the Mcintyre mine area there is a monument to one of the owners that died up in that valley, but as I remember he is not buried there. Climb a half dozen of the 4000' peaks and you will have some great memories, and maybe come back for more.

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