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Howdy, my boyfriend and I decided recently to hide our first cache. We read the guidelines and had a great spot all picked out with no other cache's nearby, when we got there we found the property was under development (a new thing within the last month or two) so we drove around for a couple of hours seeking a new spot, found what we thought was a good one and placed it. Came home, set it up on the website and then found out it was about 100 feet from another cache so the listing was denied.


I moved the cache to another spot where I am SURE there are no other cache's nearby and no other rule violations, went to the cache page and re-did all the information, the co-ordinates, even renamed it (the old name just didn't fit the new location). It's been submitted for two days and so far hasn't been reviewed. I am very understanding that these things can take time since the reviewers are volunteers but I wanted to make sure there wasn't something I needed to do to let the reviewers know that it's ready to be re-evaluated. I added a comment stating that it had been moved and the information changed on the cache log but I am not sure if that is all I need to do...does it go on some kind of pending list or is it still in the archives flying beneath their radar.


Should I have deleted the listing and re-created the whole thing over again from scratch instead of just editing the listing? The waypoint is GCXE6A but if you go to look at it be forewarned that my comment provides the answers to all the riddles for finding the cache so if you like riddles, don't read the comment.

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I took a quick look in the UTAH queue and don't see your cache. I see when it was originally put out it was archived so it won't show up in the queue again, no matter what you do to it.


You can do one of two things:

  1. Resubmit a new cache page with all the info on it again, which will put it into the queue for review
  2. Send an email to the reviewer who reviewed the cache (you would have gotten an email, or you can look at the cache page and see who did it) and have them look at it again, letting them know of the changes you made. They can then unarchive it and review it as required.

Hope that helps!



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Well, I've been fortunate that my 2 caches went through without a problem (BTW, no one else can see any info on your cache until it is published except you and the reviewer), but yes, it can take some time, but first I would just drop a friendly email to your reviewer and see what's up. Around here, it takes roughly 1-3 days to be published, perhaps longer for complicated caches. If he/she is on vacation, it may not get published for 10 days! Asking is a good first step. Since you put a note saying it has new coords, etc., the reviewer should see that. Good luck!

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Since you put a note saying it has new coords, etc., the reviewer should see that. Good luck!


Reviewers do NOT see notes posted (even reviewer notes) on caches unless they:

  1. Look at the cache page and happen to see the note
  2. Put the cache on their watchlist and get notification the note was posted

Hope that clears up some confusion a bit.

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Quiggle's advice is correct. Once the cache is archived, you need to send an e-mail to the reviewer unless instructed otherwise. The reviewer's note on your cache page specifies the e-mail address to be used.


I am posting separately to head off a possible further delay. Your old location was unsuitable because, among other things, it was 187 feet from another existing cache. Your new location, as explained in the note you left on your cache page, is 439 feet away from a different existing cache. You need to find a location that is more than 528 feet away from *any* existing physical cache, or stage of a multicache or puzzle cache.


For a plain English explanation of the Cache Saturation Guideline, please see this post in the FAQ thread that's pinned at the top of the "Getting Started" forum.

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Also if you'd like to check the distance from a point you'd like to place a cache at a useful thing to do is to go to http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ and use the section labeled Search by "latitude/longitude format:" by putting in the coordinates for your proposed cache. If you don't see any results less than .1mi you should be good(providing there are not any stages to multis or puzzles) Hope this helps!

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