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hi, i am the old and slow one on team merlins. i do the work of getting cache pages off of the site. i have found that waypoints are the only way to quickly do this. but, geocache has changed the maps when you want to reference the caches in distance areas. this change to goole maps is terrible! i went to spain to see caches. got a listing for the country, and no location listed, selected one. i had no idea where it was and tried to old geocache map which geocache has changed but not deleted. all i get i an inch wide map with no controls. they force you to go to google. after some delay, i got a map of some unknown local. will i had to enlarge the maps area. when you do this, downloading the caches takes for ever. it was over a half hour before i got the map to madrid. again this is terrible! my correction to the over info google maps, is to provide a selection that does not download caches until you asked the site to do so. this way you could avoid what happen to me. the cache is on the border of france, you enlarge and wait, it evens give you caches in france. you tell it to move, you wait, and finnally you get madrid in the map. you reduced it and you get some mountian area with nothing and you have to go back. you are now getting my point. i found that you can only move with some speed is with a small area with few caches. find a lot of caches and you don't go anywhere. but this has its drawbacks, i missed finding gilbralter. this was for a trip and i was only going to 2 cities and the costa del sol. here i get close with zip codes, anyone know a spainish zip code? i recently fought the google maps for southeast airzona, but i cheated, i looked up zip codes. i was mad then and emailed geocache and they said that they were working on the maps. if i was starting, i would never be a member. i have the fastest internet, what do aol people do? now, for local info i never go to the map. just think of how long some stranger has a scale of 20 miles and clicks on los angeles. could he ever find a cache in reseda? he would die of old age first. geocache has destroyed a resource. this is terrible!

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I have a DSL connection, and the first couple of times I searched with google maps I was able to zip around, panning to follow a route, etc. The map and caches loaded quickly. The last couple of days it has taken a long time to load and the refresh is very slow when I pan. I don't know if more people are using it, and that's slowing it down, or if there's another reason. At first I thought it was a neat feature, but it's not worth it to me to wait several minutes for each refresh.

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