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Another Chance For Tv Fame

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Groundspeak has been contacted by an Australian TV company with the following:

Hi there,


I am wondering if you can help ... I work for the LifeStyle Channel in Australia and am researching content for a proposed series about technology and lifestyle, called 'iLiving'. For one of our episodes, we are doing a feature about GPS, and as part of that feature, we are wanting to do a segment about Geo-caching. This segment will be shot in London (as we also want to incorporate navigating the streets of London with GPS navigation into the story). So, since we will be there, we are hoping to interview a keen geo-cacher (one who likes to find them or create them or both!) whilst having them take our presenter on a geo-cache hunt (hopefully to find an interesting or surprising geo-cache).


Do you know anybody in London that would fit this bill - an 'expert', so to speak. If so, could you contact him/her on our behalf, or could you give me contact details to be able to approach him/her?


Thanks for your assisance!


Lara Piepschyk | Researcher | The LifeStyle Channel


So if anyone fits the bill and wants to give it a go, drop me an e-mail to lactodorum@gmail.com and I'll let you have her contact details. Unfortunately I don't have an e-mail address at the moment but I have phone numbers etc.

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Whoever does it should "do" the Last Delivery, GCGBGB, great spot, always a bug or two there, plus the added advantage of having Closer / Natalie Portman film link - geocaching taking people to interesting places etc.

Let's think about this though, Although this is a foreign broadcast we will be advertising a cache location to many muggles. Last Delivery is the last cache that I would want the general public to know about.


Perhaps it would be better to look at one of the many caches north of London.

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