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Brainstorming For Putting Out A New Cache

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I found a spot where I would like to place a cache. There is a barber shop (yes, the old fashion barber shop) that has been around probaby for 50 years, plus. The sign says flat tops $10. I thought it would be unique to call the cache FLAT TOPS $10 There is trees and a ditch that is on the side of this little little barber shop. I don't know quite yet what to hide. It is on a busy busy street (four lanes,etc) so I want a quick find so people aren't searching forever. Ammo cans are nice but not very unique. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Mom the Cook

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How about cutting open a metal hair spray or shaving cream can (carefully of course)and making a custom container from that? Or if you want to save work and spend dough, one of those can safes would do nicely...




I could see some possibilities of making a cache container out of that jar they use to sterilize things... with the pull up top.


If you could hide it under something, a piece of white PVC pipe with the red barber stripe could make for a nice theme.

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