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Which Would You Sell After An Upgrade

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I would like to hear from people that maybe have used both units. I have upgraded to a new unit and I thought I knew which unit to sell. Which one would you sell and which to keep

  • Magellan SporTrak Pro
  • Garmin eTrex Legend

They are both less than 6 months old and work fine.

Thanks for any input.

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Hopefully, you upgraded to another Garmin. If so, I'd ditch the Magellan. If you got another Magellan, I'd still ditch the old Magellan so I would have at least one Garmin unit I could count on to get fixed if I ever needed to contact customer support.

I had to get a replacement from Megellan before on my Roadmate 300. I didn't have the problems others have had. They sent me another unit right away after I shipped them my old one.

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Keep the pro and dump the Legend.


Your mapping software will work (or should work) on both making the pro the better back up unit for the buck. If you wanted maps for both and you kept the legend, you would have to buy two sets and that's rather a waste of money.


That makes a whole lot of sense. My question is, I have a Roadmate 300 for road trips and driving directions in the car. Is there any reason I need map software for the handhelds?


Maybe topo, but I really don't think I would have a use for that. I may go camping one day.

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If I were in the same position, I would also get rid of the eTrex Legend, but for different reasons.


Magellan SporTrak Pro is a rock stable GPSr, especially in tree cover. It would be nice to have a 2nd unit to double check the coordinates on your eXplorist when you hide caches. I've noticed a certain cacher's coordinates being not as good when he switched from SporTrak to eXplorist. Not sure if this is related to the antenna type (patch vs. quadrifilar helix), but it doesn't hurt to have two different types with you.


I speculate that there's enough demand by newbies to get the eTrex Legend, so you'll be able to get rid of it easier, AND the newbie will be happy since it's a great starter unit. Everyone's happy. :D

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