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Thuringia Geocoin


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Now it's time to have an own coin for the most beautiful federal state of Germany - Thuringia.


That is how the coin looks like:



The front is in 3D.

Some parts are sand blasted.

I hope you like the design as much as I do.


You can order the Thuringia Geocoin is now at www.geocoinshop.de


The pre-order starts today.

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Because all coins of the regions of Germany series are related to very small areas for example a town or a admistrativ district. Thuringia is a federal state and it is worth to have a special coin for its own.

Second reason is, that I don't like the backside of the regions coin very much. Only a seperate coin gave me the oportunity to have another backside design.

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some more facts:


- the Thuringia geocoin is trackable with its own icon at geocaching.com THIconjpg-32x32.JPGTHIconjpg-16x16.JPG


- this coin is limited to 500 pieces: :laughing:


- 250 antique bronce 5,6 Euro ~7$

- 150 antique silver 5,7 Euro ~7,1$

- 50 black nickel (LE) 6,4 Euro ~8$ (only 1 per team)

- 50 antique gold (LE) 6,4 Euro ~8$ (only 1 per team)


- shipping date: in the middle of July

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In the middle of the frontside you can see the room, where the reformer Martin Luther translated the Bible in 1521. He needs only 10 weeks for it - amazing.


As you can see, Thuringia has a long and fascinating history.

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Now I have added a space between "E" and "010°", like between "N" and "50°".

I think it looks better in this way. :)


What do you think about the coin and its design?

Any ideas or suggestions? :)


I like it...mostly because I think I had dinner in a castle across the river from there! I'm pretty sure, at least. Man...that was back in 1998! Wow!


Oh! The coin! I like it; looks good.

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