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Goudini, Gcm1e9

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Hi All


(Discombob, this one is especially for you!)


As with many other goecachers we also turned around at the Goudini Spa Gate trying to find Goudini, GCM1E9, hidden 11/6/2004 (only to be found twice since then).


So we decided to do some investigation into this. A friend of mine introduced us to a couple at the Good Food and Wine Show this year who owns a wine farm in the Goudini area and is close to the vicinity of the cache. We explained the GC thing to them and asked if the white painted stones spelling the name "Goudini SPA" on the mountain can be reached without entering Goudini Spa. They got so excited and immediately got on the phone to a neighbour friend who has agreed that we can use his farm to get to the cache.


We thought of setting up an event cache to go and find Goudini, GCM1E9.


Any one interested?

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If you want to set up an event, why not go to the Spa, camp/stay over there, do the cache, enjoy the spa and do a few other caches in the vicinity ... a wine tour!!! :ph34r: You' ve driven all the way there! <_<


We as family camped there in the tent ... enjoyed it very much ... I can recommend it!

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I dont think dogs are allowed. i've never seen so many cats at one place, so dogs are bad idea.

I'm sure i'll come along if I'm free. My gps was jumping around with 100m variance when I searched, so a few extra people would help.


I do once recall reading that theoretically, an event cache is not allowed to be set up for the primary purpose of finding a cache, but i'm sure globalrat will be able to confim that!

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It's a little far off for me to attend ... 972km one way ... gnatssss :unsure:


You can even make a weekend of it ... more than enough things to do around there ... mountains, streams, cellars ...


Have a ball!! :huh:


You could stop half way in George. Lots of new caches here! B)

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That's great news. I'd better go place the missing "Secret Wings" cache before the weekend then! (Don't know if anyone has noticed there's no number 3 yet!)


Don't overdo yourself. I think I will only be able to find one or two since we are driving straight through to PE. 3am leave CT = +/- 7am arrive George. Early bird gets the ......... :laughing:

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