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Being from GA, all I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE! :D

(Sorry folks <_< )


Hope they can be tracked down and banned!! :o

We don't need their type (In GA or otherwise)


We don't have a heavy FTF contingient in my area but there are a few of us that do give it a try. But, it's not cutthroat.

The few that I have gotten have been sweet. But it isn't a requirement that I grab them as a FTF to get the enjoyment of the hunt!


D-man :lol:

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A FTF, heck Most of the time I am happy for a find at all.

Someone needs to get ahold of cachepolice for a good ol' group whoopin


I totally agree!! I'd like to have a FTF but hey, I'm in this because I like the adventure, hiking, the outdoors, photography, all of it. FTF isn't the high priority for me. I'm just greateful that I can find some, and hope that I find more.

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I vote for a Geocaching Police Police! :D:lol:


That just is plain wrong. If I ever came across that, I would do whatever I could to stop him (short of physical violence or threats of). I would set up a cache with a cam and match images with those on geocachers in the area to determine who it is stealing the caches and than report it to GC.com. Also ask for a boycott of his caches and ask others cachers to delete find logs made by him. That would get rid of him for sure! <_<

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By talking about it here, he, she, they are getting way more attention than they deserve <_< .


If they truly are a spoiled little kid whose mommy can't get them to the cache fast enough, then they need a good spanking! Perhaps set up a couple decoy caches and wait for the little tyke. After catching him, give him a good scare (non-violent of course) and I'm sure he'll never touch another cache for quite some time.


Just my 2 cents

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