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Longest Multi

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How about thousands of miles?

I am thinking about returning for another visit to Moscow this Fall...

An 18,000 mile multi...coords near LAX will lead you to coords in Moscow, and coords there will take you to a cache in LA, after you get back... :D


All I gotta do is find a comrade in Moscow to check on the coords every now and then to fulfill maintenance requirements...


Of course, it won't have a lot of hits, it'll be mostly for business travelers...so maybe a $100.00 FF prize...

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I won't give away the locations-- but we completed this multi back in November where each stage was close to 3000 miles from the next :laughing: ! The cache can be done via email or phone with long-distance caching partners-- so traveling long distances wasn't required. Still, we had a blast completing it all on our own. We were the first ones to visit every waypoint and it took us 3 months! Unfortunately, the cache has been disabled for half a year now.... but we're thinking of contacting the owners and adopting it from them so other cachers can find it (and yes, there are cachers at each stage who are local and able to maintain the caches).


Long distance multis are fun! :lol:

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