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The Lucky Leprechaun Geocoin


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I am pleased to announce that my first geocoin is currently in production by coinsandpins.com


I am still developing the website and am not set up to take orders yet. However, if you send me an e-mail smalltreasures4sale@cox.net, I will gladly add you to my e-mail list and will notify you in order to give you an opportunity to purchase them before I make them available elsewhere.


The Lucky Leprechaun Geocoin:


Lucky Leprechaun


Erik (Toponym) :ninja:

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I don't get this coin. What's the creator's connection to anything Irish? One side of the coin design is similar to something I was thinking of doing for my own personal coin. Hopefully multiple Leprechaun-themed coins won't adversely affect the collectibility of my LepreCoin, should I decide to produce it. But the more I see, the less motivated I get....

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Pins are now availale for the Leprechaun coin at my website - Small Treasures


<URL corrected by moderator. Reminder to all - these forums are availabel for the sale of trackabel coins and you amy link directly to it. You are not permitted to link to a general storefront for selling multiple items.>

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