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  1. I was unable to find this app in the google Play store? Is it available there? Can you provide the exact name of the app or any other info? Thank you!
  2. Tadpole, No, I'm sorry but it is sold out. Toponym
  3. If you are on public property such as a sidewalk and you're are told by some officious official that you cannot take a photo of something (especially a public monument) ask him or her what the written code section is which prohibits this. You cannot be arrested or charged with a crime unless there is a written law against it. Where is this historic marker? I would like to go take a photo of it.
  4. Category proposal for dog kennels/boarding I looked, but could not find a category for dog kennels or boarding places such as "animal inns" and "doggy day camps" and other similarly named establishments. Any thoughts? Waymarking such places would be an excellent resource for those traveling with pets who might need to temporarily board for a day or so in the middle of a vacation.
  5. According to that category's description - "convey some knowledge, either in the form of interpretive signs or brochures that accompany a numbered path." I don't think so. That category relies on paper handouts or physical signs - my proposal is paperless. Also, that category uses consecutively numbered stations - which correspond to numbered descriptions in the brochure. Mine would be GPS based. I suppose this could be a sub-set of that category or that category could be changed to include this. I would not be opposed to that.
  6. Perhaps, but are outhouses, highway rest stops or free overnight RV locations (which are mostly Walmart parking lots) any more significant? I'm trying to come up with something which is functional and somewhat informative. Although most areas are just parking lots, they are specific locations where emergency services will often stage. If one is vacationing near a Tsunami zone, could it it not be useful to know ahead of time where the evacuation site is? IMHO.
  7. PS _ I tried to insert links to images depicting the difference but the forum woldn't allow it. Google images for Tsunami Danger and Tsunami Evacuation to see the difference.
  8. I proposed this once before and the posts are in the archive section for those who wish to read those. However, I thought I would re-submit this idea with the hope that it would be re-considered. What I am proposing is very specific. Some readers last time assumed I was talking about Tsunami Hazard Zones. I am NOT. I am speaking of Evacuation areas. The difference is that a dnager zone is basically any stretch of coastline. Obviously, I don't need to know this is a potentially unsafe area in the even of a Tsunami. That should be obvious. Also, where to go to get out of harm's way should be obvious. Way up high! But I am proposing specific areas designated by local agencies as Evacuation Areas. These areas are pre-determined, specific locations and are where agencies such as the Red Cross and other relief organizations will set up to assist those in need.
  9. I have been doing some research regarding audio and GPS tours for an upcoming trip. How about a Waymarking category which lists any place which offers such an audio or GPS tour? Tours can be conducted using a proprietary device unique to a location such as special headphones rented out to visitors, or they can be conducted using downloaded MP3 files (some tours available on iTunes) or downloadable GPS touring apps.
  10. Waymarking could generate revenue. I think there are enough users who would pay a nominal charge for such an app.
  11. The only two negative experiences I had with this were in Hawaii and California, but both involved security guards - not police. In Hawaii, there is a compass rose on the floor of the public lobby of the Immigration building. I wanted a photo. I went up to the entrance and the security guards working the metal detector denied me entrance because I had no official business there. But I could have snapped a quick photo from outside the door had they stepped aside. They wouldn't allow that either, ignorantly citing a non-existent homeland security law prohibiting the photography of federal buildings. I was upset but felt sorry for them at the same time. I stepped outside to the public sidewalk, took a nice picture of the building, and left. The other, at the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center in California was similar. The security guard told me no photography of the buildings was allowed. Sigh.
  12. I just acquired an unactivated Beijing coin. I tried the links you posted above, but, none work. Could the original coin creators be gone, website defunct, coin activation no longer in existence?? I would be very sad if that's the case... I'm still here. Send me an e-mail to Shop@Family-RoadTrip.com with the tracking number. Erik (Toponym)
  13. That was originally sold by me. Send me an e-mail at Shop@Family-RoadTrip.com with the tracking number. Erik (Toponym)
  14. I recently posted the following on Waymarking.com - "I would like to start a discussion regarding cameras with built in GPS receivers. There are a handfull on the market as well as some third party attachments for digital cameras. Most of these are promoted as being ideal for geotagging (placing photos on Google Earth) however, gps cameras are not really needed for that. All you need to be able to do for geotagging is spin the globe and find out where you were when you took the photo. The other promoted applications are commercial. But what I really feel they are best for is Waymarking. The one which looks the most interesting to me right now is the Nikon Coolpix P600, followed by the Ricoh 500 SE. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to quality cameras. I would like to know anyone else's opinions on these new products." I am also interested in GPS receivers with built in cameras. I have heard there might be one or two on the market recently. Any thoughts??
  15. Good news, the limit is now 40 PQs. But I agree, it would be nice to be able to have more. I have a number of route PQs that I end having to delete and recreate to allow for others. My understanding is that deleted PQs remain on the server, so it is not a storage issue (and even if it were...these have to be small.) What's a PQ?
  16. I just sent an e-mail to Groundspeak as well as coincodes.com. Hopefully they will be able to resolve this soon.
  17. The correct icon appears on coincodes.com. I will inquire but you might want to as well. Did you already place one in a cache? What is the cache name and ID number? I will forward it to them. Toponym
  18. Thank you. They were produced through coinsandpins.com
  19. This is just an update with a new link for this geocoin. The Feng Shui Geocoin is available at our new website here - Feng Shui Compass Geocoin Our new e-mail is: Info@Family-RoadTrip.com Thanks.
  20. I am just updating the link to all of my geocoins. The Beijing Observatory / Armillary Dragon Geocoin can now be found here: The Beijing Observatory Geocoin
  21. I'm updating the link for all of my geocoins: The Beijing Observatory / Armillary Dragon Geocoin can now be found at http://shop.family-roadtrip.com/product.sc...amp;productId=1
  22. No. It is the exact same coin. I just switched websites and was getting e-mails at my old one. That's all.
  23. This is just an update with a new link for the purchase of this geocoin - Lucky Leprechaun Geocoin
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