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Puting The Cache Page On Pocket Pc

Metal Tek
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Cachemate now has a version for PPC and it has gotten good reviews.


I've been using Cachemate on my monochrome Palm M500 for more than a year and really like it.


To format the cache data for my Palm, I use GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife), however, I understand there are other programs that will work.


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Just to add. I have it on my PPC. It's really easy to use. Use GSAK to take serveral waypoints and put them into one .gpx file. Then all you need to do is put the file on one of your main PPC folders. It'll search if you ask it to :D

If you use the GPX file it puts up everything that's on the page (minus maps). It's quite possibly the greatest thing since paper. :D


ETA: You can also log your own notes with it as well.

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I use Cachemate for PPC now. But before I had it I used GSAK to export all my cache listings to HTML on my SD card and read them from IE on my PPC. If you don't want to load Cachemate this is a great alternative. The HTML version can include all the logs, hints, waypoints and most of the stuff other you can get online.

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I use GPXSonar, also.

It can search, sort, slice & dice, almost like GSAK.

I tend to carry large GPX files (500 waypoints) around with me. That way I have coverage for all of the area I'm likely to be in, on a daily basis, and can grab a cache of opportunity if I have the chance.


If you only load up the 5 or 10 caches you plan to do in 1 day, converting to HTML is probably just fine.

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