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  1. Bump. All the knowlege in this forum and no one has any comments on this?
  2. I have noticed some of the new GPSrs have the ability to include pictures and sound with a POI. Does anyone have any details on this? The Garmin web site mentioned the Garmin Tour Guide but all I have been able to find is the poiloader. I'm not afraid to RTFM if you can point me in the right direction. I would like to know how to package up these POIs. Also of interest is can these GPSrs be set to show the POIs as you pass them and play the associated wav file? That would be so cool at a place like Gettysburg.
  3. A screw or nail in a tree does not bother me. You eat maple syrup right? Trees around here get two to four 3/4 inch holes bore into them to tap for sap. Some of these trees have been tapped every year for the last 100 years or so. They all look fine to me.
  4. Thank goodness we have a new fresh topic to discuss. This seems real simple to me. Just be honest in the logs and public embarrassment should take care of the crap cashes. Or we can just set around here and whine about bad caches and continue to find magnets stuck to the side of dumpsters while some people try to defend the right of crap cashes to exist. Sounds like a waste of time to me.
  5. We ran across a couple of these on our last trip. I thought they were benchmarks since we had never really looked for benchmarks before. Anyway here is one we found. http://www.motorcycletouring.net/touring/l...06/DSC00580.JPG
  6. Good news is we have Emily Postnews to tell us how to behave in these situations. http://www.templetons.com/brad/emily.html Emily Says:
  7. I am afraid he is right. Ever watch cops? When Reagan declared a "War on Drugs" what we got was a war on the 4th amendment. The Right Wing Supreme Court decided that as long as the officer was working in "good faith" he could use illegally seized evidence in court. 50% of people who have cash seized in Florida are never charged with any crime and lose their cash. The average cost to fight a forfeiture case in Florida is $30,000. Not likely you will try to get your $5000 in vacation money back (source of Florida stats is US Department of Justice.)
  8. Being a motorcycle rider I have lots of discussions on risk management. We all have our own level of acceptable risk. Only you can make the choice for you.
  9. I am working on one that used ROT but it used a changing key so not every a = n. This was very dificule and without reading the discription closly you would miss what key to use. I still have to finish this one by the way. It is a 5 dificulty and deserves a higher number.
  10. absolutely right on that one that is the Alice in Wonderland mushroom do not lick the top of it or taste it ever...or you will go to a very sickening wonderland I want to double check the others when I get off work and will post them...I am almost positive I know what they are but I love to use my book so I when I get home I will do that...any excuse to look at beautiful mushroom pics!!! Yep, I think that's what I searched on to get the real name. There are some real psycho-pharmocological thrill-seekers out there! Believe you me, I'm conserving what few brain and liver cells I have left. I wouldn't waste 'em on a 'shroom. Ya the ones that turn blue when you pick them can make for an interesting hike. While at Disney World Animal Kingdom one year I saw fields of Psilocybe Cubensis in the game area. Talk about making it the most magical place on earth.
  11. I have done this on several motorcycles. The power cables can be had on ebay the cheapest. The ones Garmin sells are way out of line price wise. If you are talking the 60cs or any Garmin with the round four pin plug you will not find that at Radio Shack. The connectors are available but I think it is easer to buy the ebay ones. As most of them are cig ligher type you will need to cut the ligher end off and add a inline fuse from Radio Shack. Now for how to mount it nothing works better than a RAM mount in my opinion. They are available from http://www.cyclegadgets.com/ The kits are the best way to go as it can be confusing as to what parts to buy. You may want to just call them and they will hook you up. I know many police departments us RAM mounts in their cars for the laptops and such.
  12. Wonder why? Truth is someone can always find a reason to be offended. See the recent Southpark episodes on Chefs demise for a great perspective on censorship. So be it mountain names or animal pictures the debate rages on.
  13. +1 I can't believe even one of the moderators jumped on this kid. Pick on someone your own size.
  14. It's a close call but I will invoke Godwin's Law on this one.
  15. Jereme, I would be happy to have Squaw Tit or any of the other "offensive" mountains. A few weeks back I spent the night in Bad Axe Michigan. And I often ride my motorcycle in Hell, Michigan. So not only mountains but we need to be careful of city names too. Oh by the way Climax Michigan is only a few miles away.
  16. That sounds very cool to me. I don't think it is a problem. After all these Jeeps everyone is seeking comes from a German corporation that sells cars. That is not so subtle advertising for Jeep.
  17. I kind of see not tracking down IPs as old school. 10 years ago everyone had dialup and a dynamic IP. Now that is less common with millions of folks with cable broadband. Yes that is considered dynamic but I know most don't change for long periods of time. I bet over 50% of the IPs I check come back to cable broadband and another 20% DSL. With the right tools I have been able to track down an IP to the room number at a college. I am an engineer at a IT consulting firm but my specialty is security so I have lots of opportunity to track down IP address. I had a Commodore -64 too with an acoustic 300 baud modem. My first Internet access was through the UofM gopher server. Thought when all you are sending is text 300 baud was not that bad.
  18. In that part of New York how do you get a GPS signal? I know those tall buildings play heck with my GPSr in Chicago. I don't even get a signal in most downtown areas.
  19. Aren't you supposed to be working? In that case or the case of AOL contact abuse@aol.com or the corporate IT department. These problems are not hard to deal with if you take the time to do the research and then follow through.
  20. This reminds me of Jim Morrison. The 30 year lease is up on his cemetery plot (apparently they do that in the country he is buried in.) The cemetery wants to evict him because of the people who come and make noise and leave alcohol and drugs at his grave. How big a party animal are you to be kicked out of a cemetery after being dead for 30 years? The Doors rocked by the way. I guess I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with a cache in a cemetery. Some of my favorite caches are in historical cemeterys in the area.
  21. If commercial sites are not permissible how did several caches in the local zoo just get posted? That is a commercial for profit enterprise and cost money to enter.
  22. I think they are more common that some of you think. I work in a 15 man shop where 5 people have them. Now that may not be typical but still. Also not only hunters and hikers but they are very big with motorcyclist. That is evident by Garmins new Zumo a motorcycle specific GPSr. Most of the touring and long distance riders have them. And yes even my hand held 60cs has door to door routing for use on the street. The mapsource software is not required but will give better road details than the base maps that are built in.
  23. Having the IP address is a big help. I run a much smaller forum and when I ban a user I check all the IP address he has ever posted from. Then I list them all in the banded IP address list. I have never had one come back as a sock puppet. It just makes it too inconvenient for them.
  24. No one should be offended by the facts (at least when it comes to caches.) If you post that the cache is not in a scenic or historically interesting place that is a simple fact and you should be OK. The cache owner is always welcome to post a note after my log saying he thinks I am wrong and why. I don't want to have to read between the lines. I went to one cache where a finder mentioned to watch out for the "trucker bombs." Not knowing what he meant I went there. The trucker bombs were jugs filled with urine that truck drivers had thrown out. There were many of them. What a bad cache with a view of sleeping truckers and the highway. I don't think it is good to post negative logs but there is a difference between negative and factual. Posting truthful logs implies the truth as you see it. Posting factual logs are a simple statement of facts and should offend no one. How about hiders who try the sell their cache but saying things like "just up the trail from the cache is the highest point in the county." The truth on this cache was it was hidden along side the road. The trail was behind a locked gate on posted land. The inference was you could walk up there and see a view when in truth this was nothing more than an uninspired Tupperware container under a log 5 feet from the side of the road. I am grateful for the hiders but without accurate feedback how can they improve?
  25. One of my motorcycles gets 50 to 60 mpg and I am using that more and more. I am working on building a recumbent bicycle and will ride that to close caches.
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