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Multiple Maps On A Gpsman60csx

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I'm looking into purchasing a 60csx but I have one question. Can I load say a topo and a street map on the unit at the same time and tuen them onn anf off one at a time as I choose? I think I saw a post long time ago about the standard 60cs that you could do that. Also how do you all like your x units. Some of the other post have alot of posts badmouthing them, well alot of posts but from the same few people.



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I love my 60Cx! I won't dance around the issue of bugs - yes, there are a few. Most notably, is the problem with re-acquiring a signal if you've lost your signal. Sometimes you need to turn the unit off and then back on again to get a lock on the sats again. Another one deals with problems with WAAS. Around the time these suckers came out, they started shifting the WAAS satellites around. As a result, the units are just using the WAAS birds for correction data only and will not get a lock on them for positional data, and the users are miffed because the unit thinks its possible error is more than the possible error shown on the older units . To those people, I say, "Phooey!" The new units may say there's more error (EPE) in it's position, but I have found my 60Cx to have MUCH FEWER actual errors in position than my old 60C! This thing is great at maintaining a lock on your position too!


Since you're getting the CSx, there seems to be a problem with the barometric altimeter giving astronomically bad readings. That would definitely be annoying for me! CLICK HERE to read more about that.


I have all of the confidence in the world that Garmin will iron out the kinks with a future firmware update. As far as I'm concerned, I'm crazy about my 60Cx.

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To switch maps:

On the map click menu

Go to setup

Go to the little I (for info)

That lists all the map segments, click menu and then hide whichever map you dont want to see. For example, I hide City Select when i'm off the roads and it shows the Topo.

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