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  1. Here is a pictoral tutorial going over how to load them. You can do them one at a time (and rename the .img file after each load) or do them all at once. Tutorial: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-to-load-maps-on-my-garmin-gps-unit/#pcbasecamp
  2. You can also select all the maps at the same time from BaseCamp and load them at the same time then they will all exist. The above (renaming) option is good though to many changes but for older GPS units you have to load them all at the same time.
  3. The 60csx is an amazing GPS. My key requirement would be make sure you get one with expandable memory so you can have lots of maps.
  4. It appears that it in-itself didn't get hacked but the DNS server had a lot of issues. it is back now and if people still can't see it just wait a bit for your local DNS servers to flush. --Dan GPSFileDepot.com
  5. I would get the 279 becaue it ha the newer technology. Not just paperles caching but the ability to use custom raster maps is a really nice feature. You can add satellite imagery or image of paper topo maps to augment the vector maps.
  6. ds1042, I believe these two tutorials will probably help you out: Loading The Maps on Your GPS for Mac and How To Change Which Map Is Displayed On A Garmin GPS Hope the maps end up working out for you. If its an issue with the specific map the southeast topo would also cover this area.
  7. They really need to get the odometer back to where it was. Glad to see some improvement but why in the heck is my 60csx and forerunner 110 so much more accurate then my new GPSs
  8. GPSFileDepot has a tutorial that will help you out. How To Load maps on my Garmin GPS unit
  9. I'm having an issue with my dakota 20. Not to try and sway you but it really irks me. Compared to my 60csx and forerunner 110 the dakota odometer shows 0.6 mi for every mile the other two show. The other two appear more accurate too.
  10. 3rd party maps work fine in Basecamp as well. track editing appears to be a bit better in MapSource than basecamp.
  11. what they really need to fix is the odometer. Ran another test today with 3.15 beta and it still varied from my other 2 gps by 0.4mi in 1mi
  12. You can try out free maps at http://www.gpsfiledepot.com . Read the tutorial for help installing them
  13. What specifically does the error say? did you have the error before installing the Oregon Northwest map? I don't even see an Oregon northwest map so exactly which map did you download? North West US?
  14. topo, and planimetric; topo for off trail planimetric for while on the roads (since they're the most up-to-date most likely).
  15. Thus far the ability to load the DEM data in has not been backwards engineered. There was one way but I don't remember where the tutorial was and it wasn't in english.
  16. You could find the data they used (its probably available for free) and then create your own map. Also, I would check but I believe the Oregon topos on GPSFileDepot probably have state/federal parks in which case you could assume everything else is private.
  17. Yes, you need to reload all of them at the same time everytime.
  18. Garmin Dakota 20: free maps http://www.gpsfiledepot.com That is my only pro/con. I know nothing of that magellan unit. My dakota hasn't failed me yet
  19. Check out the link snowfleurys posted; it will help you.
  20. It affects those of us up in the cruel north.
  21. You don't. But if you find the need to stop moving in challenging terrain, it's nice to have your handheld compute an appropriate vector for you and display it. Maybe it's just some of the terrain we deal with out here in Colorado, but it's not always convenient to walk off a cliff to get a new bearing. There's been a lot of times where I'm trying to sort out what the heck approach I'm even going to take to the final where it's nice to have a look at the arrow while I'm just standing and scouting the landscape. I concur with this; especially in Alaska and Arizona as well. Mountains are unfriendly to having to keep moving. Heck, I even used it while standing at intersections in new york city so I could make sure I was going the correct way.
  22. Just have to point out my 60csx has rolled down a few trails/creeks with no issues. So far my dakota has only gone so far as to get dropped in a couple snow drifts. I think yours was a fluke.
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