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Denver Weather & Caching

Team VaxCave

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This Wednesday I'll be arriving in Denver. I'm staying for a week. Before I start packing, can anyone tell me what the average daytime and nighttime temperatures are? I'd like to pack appropriately, but I'm not sure how cold or warm it is out there right now. I'm getting conflicting reports from Google searches.


Also, I'll have about 3 days to myself to do some caches. I'm up for anything in the wilderness. I'm not interested in micros or virtuals. Can someone point me to 2 or 3 starting points for each day that I'm caching?


Thanks for any and all help. I appreciate it.

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Well now we are in the 70's and higher, down to 40's at night. But that can change at a moments notice. So when I pack I have a change of clothes etc. Now if you want to find some caches in the hills I'm off on Friday and could show you a few up here some place.


Yup. Highly recommend going in the woods with Tahosa. He's got some great caches on the North side of Denver. If you want the wilderness, seek those.


Where in the Denver area will you be?

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Where in the Denver area will you be?


I'll be staying downtown until Saturday, then I'm moving to the tech center on the south(ish) side of Denver. I'd be happy to spend some time on friday up north with Tahosa. Can we meet in the morning? My wife is at a conference and I need to be back when she is done. How long of a drive is it to get up there?

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We are about an hour from Denver, so that would mean you would have enough time to do some of the short hikes in the hills west of Town. An early start would give you more time to cache then return to Denver. We can meet at Corey's Stash (Cache is in my Front Yard) then head West and find Caileys Cache then go West again and up the hill for this Spicy Cache on the way home we can find Stumpy and maybe look for the The Berm and this cache can be configured to locate the spicy one. And last but not least I have a 210 lb. movable (Grandfathered) Cache. I think this would keep you busy for a day.

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We can meet at Corey's Stash (Cache is in my Front Yard) ... I think this would keep you busy for a day.


Looks like I'll be hitting #400 while I'm with you. :)

I'm game for any or all of these. I like the idea of that last one too. I don't have a mil compass though.


What time do you want to meet at your place?

I'm an early bird, the call is yours. Sent an EMail to you, with home number. Get ready for an awesome day in the hills.

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