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World's Most Dangerous Cache

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I think you may find that the caches within Afghanistan and Iraq are for the military and attached personell that are Geocachers. I don't think any are out in the open for anyone to come along too.


I'm all for these caches, as I can tell you from first hand experience, Afghanistan and Iraq are not fun places to be in, and something to do whilst visiting other camps is always a bonus.

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From what I've read there are indeed caches in Iraq and Afghanastan. Most are on bases as anything left laying about outside soon gets muggled.

I can't imagine the UK authorities allowing anyone use of a decomissioned nuclear reactor or establishment of any sort. Lets face it they're even rather stuffy about some of the storage facilities that were created during WW2.

But having said that I am currently working on two extreeme caches. One will be a plain 5/5 that will need some special equipment to recover the final cache. It will be possible to solve the cache in one day. But another I am creating will have more stages, and be both mentally and physically demanding. It will be rated 5/5 only because there is no higher setting. It certainly won't be solvable in anything like 24 hrs it might even take several months to achieve all the stages. This won't just be a cache, it will be an adventure.

Is the UK ready for such a cache? Time will tell, but your feelings and comments will be appreciated.

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On the Border - Afganistan


This is Asadabad's First Cache. It is about 7 miles from the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and because of this it's also prone to rocket and mortar attacks from those pesky Taliban and Al Queida losers!!!


It's been given a difficulty rating of 1.5 - is that mad?


or his other one Jalabad's First Cache

funny neither yet been found.


i mean i'd happily be rumaging in suspect places near trigger happy american troops!!! each to their own. :bad:

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