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Legend Cx Accessories


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I found a small camera case at Best Buy that enables me to carry the Cx, 4 AAA batteries, and the little plastic micro SD card case.


Garmin has a suction cup windshield mount that works great - have one in each car.


As for power, the battery life in the Cx is such that I haven't bothered with external power.



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I would recommend one of the Invisible Shields. I got one for my Vista C and although the Vista body now has dings on it, even though I also have the neoprene case, the screen is still perfect. thumbsup.gif


The case is on sale at Amazon now for around $10.00. Bundle it with some other things to get over $25.00 and you will get free shipping.


I bought the beanbag automount and cigarette-lighter adapter in a package deal with the City Select software for about $140.00


I use the Energizer 15-minute 2500 NiMH batteries. I got four of them with the charger at Target for about $25.00. It is great to get "fresh" batteries in only 15 minutes. :(

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I'd recommend a good, detailed map pack of your choice to take advantage of the color screen and routing functions. Also, I'd get (and got) sceen protectors (i use the fellowes writeright universla ones) and the neoprene case made for the etrex. It provides access to all the buttons and does a great job of protecting it :anibad: (i've whacked my vista cx against rocks several times wuith no ill effects). :)

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You're going to need City Select maps in order to use the autorouting function properly!


I checked the compatibility chart for City Select and it does not list the Legend CX, only the older version Legend C. Does anyone know if City Select NA will work with the newer Legend CX and do auto mapping?

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If it works for the C, it'll work for the Cx. I bought it for my 60C when I bought that unit 27 months ago, and used the 2nd unlock for my new 60Cx.


Whoever's in charge of updating Garmin's Web pages has been basically sleeping on the job! :o

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Thanks for all the helpful info.

It looks like I'll for sure be getting the screen protector and I'm stil deciding

to figure out if I want select or navigator?

They're very similar and both will work ok and give you auto-routing in the Legend Cx. If you're going to just use the included 32 MB microSD card then the smaller regions of CitySelect would be a major advantage. But if you're going to get a larger card anyway (recommended), then I'd go with CityNavigator - slightly better routing data and turn descriptions and more efficient when loading very large map areas.

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I agree with the above suggestions, but IMHO I would purchase a set of rechargable batteries and a charger (Wally World has one that includes 4 batteries, and a charger that has a 12 volt adapter built in for 12.50 + shipping) You can charge all four batteries and toss them in your geo-pack, this will give you at least 25-30 hours of battery life before you have to recharge them. A very handy gadget, and environmentally friendly too.

I am going to put one in my next placed cache as a FTF prize... :o

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I happen to have the Razr Cell phone. The car power adapter works in my Cx. ~$8.00 at walllllmart


I have the same thing, (Razr), Is the adapter the correct voltage? Is this safe to use for power?

Is it OK to plug it in with regular alkaline batteries in it?


If so, I will definately try it out. Just want to make sure it won't damage anything.

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