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  1. I bought some magnetic tape at Wally World, it can be cut to size. May not work great in the cold and elements though.
  2. My kids LOVE finding squashed pennies in caches, they have quite a little collection of them! We even found one of the elusive Snoogans pennies this past summer...
  3. Yimes, I received your email and responded to it but have not heard back from you. Did I get lost in the misfit file again?
  4. I love to hear these stories, especially since there are so many tales of lost bugs on here lately. Thanks for sharing and happy travels to your bugs!
  5. Condolences from a family who recently lost our 16 yr old border collie. What a hole they leave in your hearts when they are gone. The kids still get misty eyed occasionally, but it is getting easier. It still seems very strange caching without him though. I hope that time will heal your hearts. Namaste - Gary and the kids of team5150
  6. I like MyGeocachingProfile.com for its ease of use and the ability to customize it to your needs and wants. All you have to do is download a "My Finds" PQ and drop it into your profile on their website, then copy and paste the code into your GC.com profile. It literally takes only minutes.
  7. I have several older geocoins that have never been activated, but now the vendors and their websites seem to be MIA. Where can I get activation codes for these coins? Thanks for any help!
  8. I have used a few trails from trailregistry.com... give 'em a try.
  9. We would love to help! We are from Wyoming!
  10. Night caching is a blast! But one word of caution... if you are going off the beaten path or anywhere that you are unfamiliar with be sure to waypoint your vehicle. It makes getting back a lot easier, especially when you get turned around in the woods.
  11. We have found, and moved, a few trackables that were released by some of the forums regulars and other 'notorious' cachers. I must admit that I found it very cool that we found these... Kind of like that 6 degrees theory.
  12. We would love to adopt one! My kids love trackables, we keep track of them long after we have moved them along, just to see where they have gone, and as my daughter says "To make sure they are safe and sound"
  13. Absolutely beautiful coins, tsun!!! Love them all!
  14. Count me in for it! I would love to have a Mega Event that close to home. I have been looking for a valid excuse to make a caching/fishing/hiking expedition up to your neck of the woods, now I would have one! Go for it, tsun!
  15. Hand sanitizer, bug spray and sunscreen ARE your friends.
  16. It happens! Go ahead and log your find, and at the same time send an email to the owner explaining what happened and include the picture that you took of the cache. You should be fine! Welcome to the fun!
  17. Have you done a software update since you got your GPS? If not, follow the link above to do one now. Just because you have only recently purchased it doesn't mean that the software is the latest version.
  18. Install Cachemate on your PDA, then you will be able to transfer your information as a .pdb file via GSAK.
  19. We used a Z22 for paperless caching for about 3 years until it mysteriously disappeared on a 3 day caching spree. I recommend Cachemate also, it is an easy to use utility that should meet your needs just fine! One thing about the Z22 though is that the screen is not the brightest and can be a bit tough to read in direct sunlight. Be sure to adjust the backlight to the brightest setting available. Good luck!
  20. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great trip and good luck with your first cache. I will do my best to answer your questions... 1) The best containers to use are ammo cans or lock n lock containers. 2) I get the baggies at Walmart in the crafts section. You can also find them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 3) There is no need to leave a FTF prize. If you want to though, cash is always a good find! Also gift cards to a coffee shop or such place. 4) You can order TB's from Groundspeak (Click the "Shop for Gear" link on the left side of the GC.com pages. Hope this helps, I am sure you will be getting many more opinions soon!
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